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Steve Rayson
Passionate about marketing, learning, technology and growing businesses.
Passionate about marketing, learning, technology and growing businesses.

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Africa's Population Growth
I listened to a podcast from the London School of Economics  last week about the end of globalisation. However, what really caught my attention in the talk from Stephen King, senior economist at HSBC, was the level of population growth in Africa. This promp...

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Labour Lead For First Time In Survation Poll
Survation's latest poll now shows Labour support at 44%. This gives Labour a national lead for the first time, 3% ahead of the Conservatives. Survation was the most accurate polling company during the election and predicted a Tory lead of just 1%.

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Macron Wins Parliamentary Majority But Not Popular Support
In the first round of the Presidential election Macron came top with 8.656m votes, 24% of the votes cast or 18% of those registered to vote. Macron's big challenge was to build on this victory and grow support for himself and his party En Marche. Despite wi...

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A Decade of Declining Wages
74.8 per cent of all working-age people in the UK are now in work, 31.95m people. Unemployment is just 4.6 per cent, the lowest since 1975. On the surface this might indicate that people are benefiting from the economic growth of recent years. However, empl...

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Women In UK Parliament
I was apprehensive about seeing more women in Parliament in the UK at the start of the election, partly because there were over 100 constituencies where there was no female candidate for any party. However, there has been a small increase in the number of w...

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May and Macron: A Tale Of Two Electoral Systems
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." Charles Dickens introduction to A Tale of Two Cities could be used to describe Macron's and May's feelings following the UK and French elections this last week. Macron is set to win up to 440 of the 577...

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10 Key Insights From The UK Election Backed By Data
This weekend's newspapers will be full of hyperbole about the UK election results and what happened. In my view it is important to cut through opinion and look at the data to provide a clear context. Here are ten key data backed insights about the UK electi...

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A Victory For YouGov's New Model As Traditional Polls Fail Again
The average Conservative lead across all polls in the last week of the campaign was 7.5%. The actual vote share according to the BBC with 649 seats declared was a 2.4% Conservative lead. The most accurate poll was Survation's prediction of a 1% Tory lead. B...

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YouGov Change Tack and Now Say Conservatives Will Increase Majority
Throughout recent weeks YouGov polling for the Times has been showing strong Labour support which will lead to a hung parliament. This forecast has been widely ridiculed but given the Times great headlines. Now on the very eve of the election they are furio...

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Final Poll Has Some Surprises
Ok, I know I said yesterday's seat forecasts were final but I didn't include the University of East Anglia's Election Forecast . So for completeness here it is. They are very much in line with the seat predictions Lord Ashcroft and Electoral Calculus. The f...
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