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Last night, +Eric Harper and I went to a see a 3rd-wave ska band called Kill Lincon perform at a strip mall in Vienna. And I enjoyed it. I did not enjoy the second act: a whiney emo band who made me want to vomit the entire time they were on stage. I'm not being hyperbolic. Vomiting would have been the perfect way to express what I thought of them. They were called Fourth Quarter Comebacks, which I found odd. How often do you come across an emo band whose name is a football reference? Anyway, they are probably assholes and you should avoid their music. Kill Lincoln was a lot of fun, though.

Well, I guess I'll talk to you later. Thanks for reading.
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But it's weird, right? "Let's cry about girls and threaten suicide, then go watch the game! Go 'Skins!" That's weird.
Why did you even stick around for the emo band?
We didn't know they were emo. They came out on stage and we were like, "What kind of band is this? Are they emo? They look kind of emo, But they have a lot of fans here in polo shirts and brown flip-flops. I don't think they are punk. Rock? Are they rock? They are kind of bro-y. I bet they are rock."

As soon as the singer opened his mouth we knew the truth.
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