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In a feed that I have set for "open directly to web page", adding this to Instapaper(or any other link) is not possible. I never get the option since a click on the item opens up the article. Also, facebook shows up as an icon when I hover over an item, even if I have facebook disabled.

I'm interested in what the plans are for Picasa Web and Google+ Photos. Picasa Web still has many more features that are missing from Google+. Specifically, Google+ lacks the ability to delete by album and browse by album for photos uploaded by the "auto backup" feature.  Currently browsing auto-backup photos in Goolge+ is in one unmanageable stream of thousands of photos. If I browse auto-backup photos through Picasa Web, I can view them by collectinos (albums) of date taken, and delete by album too. Will this feature be implemented in Google Plus soon? 

Also, it would be great to have the option to "delete all" from auto-backup photos.  This would give me a chance to start fresh in the event that I were to edit a bunch of photos on my pc (or delete), and disable/re-enable the auto-backup from the desktop client.

Thanks for listening!

Man Of Steel- best movie I've seen in years. Tons of heart too aided by Hans Zimmer's excellent score. 

Google #Reader is being discontinued!  What a horrible decision by Google. I'm happy that I sold my stock last month.

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