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Sarah Elliott
Gamer. Nerd. Photographer. With a bit of social thrown in.
Gamer. Nerd. Photographer. With a bit of social thrown in.

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So many choices, both Kian and Zoe have gotten themselves in sticky situations... Ep. 6 #dreamfallchapters

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Missed my weekend stream? See Vanaar's settlement here! #AvenColony

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Bribing Sokolov and navigating our way to Lady Boyle #Dishonored

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Getting to Sokolov was harder than I thought... #Dishonored

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Off to Kaldwin's Bridge #Dishonored

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While Erika's story has reached a mental block, I have started a Rosebud Challenge. I was streaming the series, though now it has moved to pre-recorded videos due to feedback I have received. After Syana's series is further along I will also be starting the Asylum Challenge, with streaming some City Living and on the spot Sims play in between.

For those who are interested, I have posted my blog and YouTube entries in my Sims 4 collection:

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Corvo meets the infamous crime boss, Slackjaw #dishonored

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The pregnancy woes have set in for Syana and the pressure to produce income increases. A #sims4 Challenge series.

Episode 6:

I've picked up streaming again, under the account of +Eudanil. Currently, I'm doing a few Let's Plays and streaming multiplayer games here and there.

I'm always looking for constructive feedback and accepting requests for playthroughs. I have a very long list of unplayed games and games to replay, so don't hesitate to ask.

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All 4 episodes of #dishonored part 1 are now live! Watch as Corvo learns the art of sneaking...
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