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Can a gang grab a "Veteran" special ability (the ones you can pick from other gangs' sheets) whenever they'd otherwise get to buy a new special ability, or are the Veteran abilities only available when they've bought all of the Shadow-specific ones? Or restricted in some other way?

(I think it's unrestricted, but I'm often wrong, so I'm checking with y'all.) :)

On page 49, there is a section labeled "CREW ADVANCEMENT" that apparently takes place during each Downtime. At the end of this section is this subheading and text:

Every time the crew advances, each PC gets stash equal to the crew Tier +2, to represent profits generated by the crew as they've been operating.

My question is this: what does "the crew advances" mean? Does it mean every trip through the "CREW ADVANCEMENT" section (i.e. every Downtime), or does it mean every time the crew fills up their tracker and buys a new ability or pair of upgrades?

Newbie question: In the playbooks, each character has a list of "friends" from which s/he chooses one Close Friend and one Enemy or Rival. What happens to the NPCs who aren't chosen? Are they still friends of the PC, or are they unknown to the PC because s/he didn't choose them?

(Or, if I'm missing something obvious, just throw me the page number and I'll be suitably abashed.)


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It is important to note that an arrest is not a conviction, and reasonable people should probably avoid forming any concrete opinions about the matter until the conclusion of the court case.

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Rejoice, fellow gamers! Finally, there's a proper long German word to describe this feeling!
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The continued existence of "Buttered Popcorn" flavor Jelly Belly jellybeans may stand as the best evidence for the meddling of Satan in our modern world.
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