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Larger than life.
Larger than life.

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Ready for a few new tidbits of Storyscape information? Head over to the Slabtown Games news blog and read up on Miniature Creation, Laurels, and the Last Empire fantasy setting!

You can find it at

** My official City Councilor hat is now on **

Cottage Grove police have just made an arrest in the city embezzlement case. Further details will undoubtedly be available from local news sources.

** My official City Councilor hat is now off **

It is important to note that an arrest is not a conviction, and reasonable people should probably avoid forming any concrete opinions about the matter until the conclusion of the court case.

** My official City Councilor hat is now off, taken by armed guards, carried miles from my location, and sealed in an underground bunker **

Local and regional "The lack of an arrest is clearly a coverup by the city and I refuse to consider any evidence to the contrary!" conspiracy-spinners are now cordially invited to STFU.

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Rejoice, fellow gamers! Finally, there's a proper long German word to describe this feeling!

The continued existence of "Buttered Popcorn" flavor Jelly Belly jellybeans may stand as the best evidence for the meddling of Satan in our modern world.
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