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ERP Sales & Implementation, Technologies Sales, Training
ERP Sales & Implementation, Technologies Sales, Training


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We are here to help YOU!
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Why Express Group is Your ERP Solution

Express Group has partnered with a cost-efficient, user-friendly resource called Acumatica Cloud ERP. Unlike other one-size-fits-all business solutions, Acumatica is designed to treat every business like its own unique entity.

Unlike a traditional software package that you just click and install, ERP offers customization options during implementation. It will fit your business model like a glove. ERP is best implemented by a teamof specialized IT and business consultants, much like the kind Express Group employs.

Our team of highly skilled IT professionals has firsthand experience with companies like HP while our business consultants boast extensive knowledge working with several ERP systems in logistics, manufacturing and sales-related businesses. This winning combination is what you want on your side. Our promise is to give your business the same first-class standard of care enjoyed by some of the world’s most famous brands.

Finally, Express Group specializes in employee training. Once we install efficiency features, we will teach you and your employees how to use, maintain, and ultimately modify them to meet current and future needs. Our job is not done until you feel you have the confidence to employ ERP in any situation that occurs, no matter how new or complex.

Contact Express Group today to see how yours can be the next efficiency success story. Whether you prefer a traditional or mobile solution, Express Group will take your business to the next level.
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What Does Express Group Do?
Ours is a simple, four-step process that includes:

Learning the way your business works – We analyze all the processes and steps involved with producing your product or service.
Adapting a specific ERP/CRM solution to make your business more efficient without interfering with the processes you and your team are used to.
Implementing your specific ERP solution using a top-down method that focuses on your most important systems down to the most minor detail.
Training your staff to use ERP and be efficient doing it, so you can get a quick ROI and continuous benefit of being in full control of your business for years to come.
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About Acumatica Cloud ERP
Financial Management Suite

The Acumatica Financial Suite provides a core set of web-based business applications that can be used by almost any business organization. The solution includes a General Ledger module, an Accounts Payable module, an Accounts Receivable module, an Employee Portal, a Currency Management module, a Cash Management module, a Deferred Revenue module, and a Tax Management module.

Distribution Management Suite

The Distribution Management Suite is an add-on module to the Financial Management Suite for managing the complexities of distribution such as purchasing, ordering, tracking inventory, filling orders, and delivering customer support. The solution includes an Inventory module, an Order Entry module, and a Purchasing module.

Project Accounting Suite

The Acumatica Project Accounting Suite allows your organization to manage budgeting, billing, expenses, reporting, and profitability by individual project. Gain a complete view of project expenses including labor hours, inventory materials, allocated overhead, and expense reports. Advanced billing supports fixed cost, cost plus, percentage of completion, completed tasks, and other billing scenarios on a project specific basis.

Customer Management Suite

The Acumatica Customer Management Suite delivers a web-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution for tracking leads, managing opportunities, converting prospects into sales, and managing customers. Acumatica provides a consolidated view of all client contacts including web inquiries, contacts, outgoing email, marketing campaigns, business documents, service cases, and notes.

Development Tools

Acumatica product suites include a complete set of web-based tools so you can tailor Acumatica to your business. There are content management tools for collaboration, reporting tools for business intelligence, and customization tools for changing screens, reports, and workflows.


Purchase Options

Perpetual License

The traditional software license gives you the flexibility to deploy the software in your datacenter, with your choice of hosting provider, or on a cloud service. Unlimited users, web-based customization, and browser access reduce your ongoing operational costs.

Software as a Service

The SaaS solution provides you with software, a complete operating environment, updates, and upgrades for a single fixed price. Unlike other SaaS vendors, Acumatica does not charge by the number of users or limit your customizations.
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JAAS Systems ERP Manufacturing Software
Express Group, LLC provides a great solution for your MFG NEEDS!

About JAMS
JAMS–JAAS Advanced Manufacturing Software–is a flexible software solution that supports multiple types of production environments, keeps you in control with real-time visibility and communication tools—just what you should expect in a feature-rich, end-to-end manufacturing solution.


Core Modules

Bill of Materials and Routing

This module not only creates production specifications, but is the framework for the planning functionality in other JAMS modules.

Multi-level Bill of Material/Routing presents both engineering and financial view of product structure
Efficiently plan and manage your inventories, costs, and manufacturing processes
Flexible date sensitive capabilities allow for viewing past and future versions of the product
Production Management

From components to finished goods, the JAMS Production Management module gives your organization the ability to control the entire production process.

Supports multiple types of production environments; make-to-stock, engineer-to- order, make-to-order, repetitive, and job shop
Captures the total cost of manufacturing including material, labor, overhead, and outside processes
Ability to create production orders from previous revisions and alternate Bills of Materials
Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

The art of balancing supply and demand is critical to any manufacturing organization. The JAMS MRP module is a powerful planning tool that enables your organization to satisfy customer requirements, while maintaining optimal inventory levels.

Sales activities, Master Production Schedules (MPS), and forecasts can be viewed in one centralized location
Flexible selection criteria for creation of purchase and/or production orders
Provides recommendations to manage changes to firm production and/or purchase orders

Additional Modules

Scheduling and Capacity

Scheduling and Capacity gives users an in-depth and dynamic view of the orders that are in production, planned for production and allow for what if scenarios. The scheduler will give users the ability to see the capacity of their manufacturing facility and make real time changes to account for the day to day changes.

Product Configurator

Sales orders reaching the shop floor when engineering rules were not followed can result in production delays, wasted inventories, and customer service issues. The JAMS Product Configurator module can help your organization address these problems.

Quoting and Estimating

The JAMS Quoting & Estimating module provides your organization with the tools to build an estimate and generate a quote for your customers.

Release Accounting

Managing non-integrated EDI transactions is time consuming, costly, and can result in errors that negatively impact planning, forecasting, and shipping. The JAMS Release Accounting module delivers an integrated EDI-compliant system.


The first feature of the JAMS Quality module is Material Review Board (MRB). The MRB function will integrate the reject of materials during the manufacturing or inspection processes with the disposition of the rejects.
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Online Training for Personal Business Growth

Business consultation is a long and complicated process. And while Express Group is happy to help you every step of the way, our job would not be done unless you and your team are able to diagnose and resolve future issues on your own.

That’s why we created The Express Institute.

A fully interactive training module, the Express Institute offers online courses in every practical area of business development including:

Project Management
And much more

Those who complete an Express Institute training program will earn a quality certificate confirming their skills and making them more valuable asset in their industry. Registration is simple and the knowledge you gain will pay for registration fees in no time.

All Express Institute courses are conducted online, meaning you save on travel expenses and can earn your certification at your own pace. So whether you are a self-starter with an eye for advancement or are training under the encouragement of team leaders, you will find The Express Institute a simple, fun, and valuable way to prepare for 21st century business standards.
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Express Group in Action
Innovative Technologies for an Energy Efficient Future

As energy demands evolve Express Group will help you meet them. In a world that was once dominated by simple oil production, the companies to lead the future of energy and manufacturing will be the ones that are creative with their technology:

Super efficient wind turbines
Waste-to-energy production
New road construction materials
Environmentally-conscious modular oil and gas refineries
Gas turbines - Allison and Opra
Polyurethane tires

These are only a few of the new, creative technologies that will soon populate the world. If your company isn’t ready to master them, Express Group will get you ready. We are the factory representative of several companies that produce the above technologies. Our world is craving a cleaner, more efficient way of life. With consultation from Express Group you can serve it.

Express Group’s staff of expert engineers and business consultants will meet with your team and match your company with best technology to meet your demands of the 21st century. Our ability to procure technology domestically or globally means your company will be ready for new challenges without huge or unnecessary expenses.

If you want to be on the cutting edge of your industry, contact Express Group today to get the most for less.
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