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I finally have a new episode in the Hacker Public Radio queue again for the first time in, likem far too unreasonably long.

I'm especially interested in what anyone else who has ever turned an underpowered computer into a Linux-based "appliance" (or has just wanted to) thinks of it. Everyone else, too, of course, but since it's really a "Make A Linux Appliance" tutorial there's an obvious bias...

"Enhanced" .opus version to be posted relatively soon at

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Hey, everyone! It's about time for the annual viewing of the traditional Christmas movie!

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I'm so desperate, I'm devouring the spirits of the dead for good luck.

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"Opus is on the backlog with high priority" ("Roadmap priority: High — We intend to begin development soon.") Microsoft really DOES seem to be improving.

Only complaint - all the audio files I find are .ogg, but so far the only relevant container format that Microsoft has in active development is "webm", which has awful metadata format by comparison in my opinion.  Still, if I have to settle for "webm audio" with opus to get legally-free audio on the web rather than .opus, I'll cope.

It's kind of obscene how much of a hassle it was to figure out how to get bluetooth and pulseaudio to work properly off of a headless machine.

Finally got the bluetooth speaker playing .opus files off of the headless netbook successfully now, though.  The real question is whether I'll be able to remember the way to navigate the mess next time I want to get it working...

Within the Geek/Nerd/Dork phylogeny, if playing with computers is "geeking out", am I "dorking out" if I mess around with D&D-style fantasy fiction stuff?

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I've been procrastinating getting the next HPR episode done (Real Soon Now, I swear!) on things to do with old Android-based devices, and just ran into a newly-added map/tracking app in f-droid (a category I have a lot of use for).  Tabulae seems to be a nice raster-style ("map tiles") counterpart to osmand's vector-style maps, and so far Tabulae's tracking and exporting functions seem to work really well.

Now I have to add this one to the episode.

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The very physical manifestation of Sadness: a Tim Hortons with NO DONUTS!

I do believe I have my klobasnek dough where I want it.

/performs "cookie-monster" imitation with klobasneki...
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