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good job

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我玩#googlebirthday 涂鸦赢了糖果!我的分数: 110

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A very strange dream last night, about time travel, the dream is actually round, like the Earth, from a place you always, always go always go back to the original place. Big Bang also does not exist, there is no so-called singularity, the time is not used to know as linear, but a closed circle, has been in continuous loop running. Assume that the time period of T, then as long as we got into a time machine, like usual to take the bus, we can reach the finish line faster than anyone else, just this time machine, we will see how the scenery outside the window ? When the machine running the entire period T is not really can go back to the original starting point?? Or we just go back to a point in time in the past, and then deliberately to prevent the occurrence of something, the next future, what will happen? I'd more believe that the butterfly effect, that something change will profoundly affect the future of a series of things, for example, you go back to the past will not let your parents get married, then you may no longer exist. This sounds ridiculous, also a lot of loopholes, but I can not think, So So wake up sleep until 11:00. . .

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