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Most epic BBQ pits ever?

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From the #DeclineOfWesternCivilization  file, I add this rather pointed example of the modern Western confusion of Freedom and License and the bad philosophy that is radical individualism

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This hawk lighted just outside my office window. This time of year the Texas Red Hawks are mating and the storms make them edgy and nervous.  As you can see in the background, there's a large thunderstorm rolling in so he/she was probably resting a bit before moving on before the storm hit.
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Texas Red Hawk
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Speeling Maturs.

Also... if you're drinking at 7am (even "Blody" Mary's and Mimosas), you probably have a problem.

OH: "If you like Pope Francis, you're gonna LOVE Jesus"

Conference Call Bingo:

[ ] feedbackup loop guy
[ ] echo guy
[ ] dog barking in the background guy
[ ] coughing-into-the-mic guy
[ ] having-a-conversation-in-the-background guy
[ ] suddenly screaming kids guy
[ ] toilet flushing guy
[ ] hold music guy
[ ] clacking keyboard/mouse clicky guy
[ ] heavy breather guy

Hearing the first inklings of blame on the big, mean insurance companies for all the ACA woes. And of course that ultimately means it is Bush's fault (shut up, don't ask stupid questions).

Ultimately this will lead to arguments similar to "the only way to fix this mess and really help the poor is to move to a single payer system and put the insurance companies out of business."

Here's a prediction. I'll file this away and check back in 5-10 years to see how accurate or off-base I was.

The Obamacare trainwreck will continue and the web site and marketplace fiascos will not be fully resolved and those few people trying to get insurance through the site will still be frustrated and thwarted.

Insurance companies will continue dumping people by the hundreds of thousands (I saw BC/BS dropped 300,000, another agency said today they dropped 76,000) who are on unprofitable policies.

Businesses will continue laying off full time people or slashing hours back to part time and reducing the benefits they offer to comply with the bare minimum of the Employer Mandate when that finally kicks in. Unemployment will continue to grow as well as the number of working age people not working (a shell game the Administration uses to hide the millions of people who have given up trying to find work).

When the individual mandate kicks in, millions will find out they are in violation and there will be howling and screaming and gnashing of teeth. They will rush to try to get insurance but fail due to the ongoing marketplace fiasco.  Someone will sue for an injunction and either the HHS will relent or else the USSC will get involve and grant a a temporary injunction and ask Congress to fix the problem.

Congress will be forced to act and Obamacare will be gutted or re-written or otherwise changed significantly.

The end result will be:
 * Millions more will be uninsured than were uninsured when this whole nonsense started years ago.
 * Hundreds of thousands will have lost their jobs or be forced to take a lesser job or fewer hours ("underemployment") 
 * Insurance companies, claiming chaos with the government and regulations, will ratchet up insurance rates causing them to skyrocket -- horribly slamming the middle class and small businesses
 * Democrats will howl about the poor and the GOP will roll over and Medicaid will greatly expand to cover some of the millions of uninsured -- effectively becoming a de-facto single payer Government-run health care system that is horribly mismanged, dysfunctional and over 80% wasteful
 * Deficit and Debt will continue to skyrocket with current entitlements plus the huge, rapid growth in Medicaid entitlements

In short, everything will be way worse than if we had never done this in the first place.
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