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Jacqui Binford-Bell
Artist, photographer, poet and writer in the wilderness.
Artist, photographer, poet and writer in the wilderness.

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Week 29 - 2017 in Photographs
Water in the High Plains Day 197 Laughlin Peak One of the great places to go which is very close to my home but "out of Dodge" is the Maxwell National Wildlife Refuge in the central high plains. When you live surrounded by mountains escaping to the wild ope...

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The New Easel
I used to paint small watercolors on paper. College training. And then the art suppliers came out with watercolor canvas. And I could paint larger. But my studio furniture was all designed for small works. Most watercolors are painted on the flat because wa...

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Week 28 - 2017 in Photographs
Day 190 California Poppy   When the flowers bloom in the high country you have to pay homage. For me that is capturing them in photographs. We have a garden club here in the high country. I could never belong because I take what I get and love them natural ...

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Week 27 - 2017 in Photographs
Day 188   All about New Mexico skies this week. And more specifically all about the skies from the deck on my studio. I have chairs. Stop by and visit my studio and sit on the deck and watch the sky change colors. These are all about dawn but some lovely on...

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The Late Great USA
I think this is it. I believe it is the last time 50 states will celebrate Independence day together. It is clear we are no longer independent. And we are no longer together. The divisions have been widening for some time now. It began in very quiet ways. T...

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Week 26 - 2017 in Photographs
All About Flowers Day 176   This week was all about flowers. Because they were there. And also because I did not have to go far to find them. Sometimes my day jobs get in the way of hopping in the truck and going on a photo trek. But while I don't paint flo...

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Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones
Storm Coming by J. Binford-Bell In my family I was the crazy one. I know because my brother told me so. A lot. In fact, I stopped talking to my brother decades ago because of that. A psychologist told me to. No body needs someone who constantly tells them t...

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Week 25 - 2017 in Photographs
Day 169   If there is a theme to this week it is landscape. This was the week I wish I had the extra wide angle lens my sister owns. Everything I pointed my camera at seemed to sweep beyond my wide angle lens. So the photos here are a just a segment of what...

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Tears for the Polar Sea - DTJ
Cimarron Cemetery January 2017  Just finished watching the documentary The Polar Sea. I have been watching a lot of documentaries lately. When I am not watching the news. The news, my sister informs me, just makes me depressed. And I find that my love for w...

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Life in a Tourist Town
When I first moved back to New Mexico I lived in the small town of Questa. It was on a state highway from Taos to Colorado but if tourists stopped it was just for lunch at the Seville Restaurant or gas at one of three stations. It had no visible means of su...
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