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Damion Brown
Web Analytics Consultant and Trainer with Data Runs Deep. Dog walker, homebrewer, nice chap.
Web Analytics Consultant and Trainer with Data Runs Deep. Dog walker, homebrewer, nice chap.

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Pulling data from IMDB into Google Data Studio to make an M Night Shyamalan dashboard -- here's the method!

How would I go about building a find-and-replace filter to change the syntax of an Event coming from the Measurement Protocol?

I have the following event being sent via

Category = Music
Action = Diana Ross - Upside Down
Label = (null)

I can't change the syntax at source, but I'm pretty sure it could be done using a filter at the GA View level.

How would I make it so that the following Event is recorded in Google Analytics?

Category = Music
Action = Diana Ross
Label = Upside Down

Thanks in advance and apologies in advance if you end up with Diana Ross' Upside Down stuck in your head as a result of reading this post.

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As part of the Google Data Studio Gallery, we put together a Data Studio dashboard to visualise the popularity and performance of M Night Shyamalan's movies:

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It looks like you can access Google Data Studio outside the USA with a combination of a VPN and a new Google Account:

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IFTTT can be used to send your daily Fitbit stats to Google Analytics. I've posted up a method to get it working, and also methods for tracking your music listening and alcohol consumption in GA too.

This might very well sound like a stupid question (you're supposed to say "there's no such thing as a stupid question," then we both smile while knowing it's not true.)

We all accept that an email address sent in the URL is personally identifiable. An email address is, intrinsically, unique.

But what about a combination of Firstname Lastname?

We're looking at capturing the content of a free text box on a content feedback page. Some users (for whatever reason) feel obliged to sign their name at the end of their feedback comment.

Would it count as PII if someone sent "this page sucks, cheers, mark hamil" and it was sent to GA as an Event?

Indications state that it's edge case, but we'd like to cover bases. Anyone have any thoughts?

(Annoying ping to +Phil Pearce​ as IIRC we discussed a few similar issues once before...)

It's been a while since I was evaluating tag scanning tools -- are there any new in the market? 

Crucial  features: 

- The ability to detect if a page has a tag installed twice, and highlight this as an error
- The ability to export pages containing each tag, by tag
- The ability to export pages containing each UA, by UA

Nice to have:

- Detection of on-page Event tracking
- Other stuff that I've not thought of yet but will be unable to live without once I try it :)

Any suggestions around any new tools out there? 

Hi everyone. I'm looking for someone that can help with my Owncloud installation. Are there consultants here that can troubleshoot my install?

Everything was fine until upgrading to Server 8.1.0 last week, and since then Windows sync client 1.8.4 has been failing. It's a simple setup (one user's files, three devices) that's been bulletproof for a long time before this upgrade. 

Android client works fine, Webdav works fine, it's similar to issues such as and plus several issues on Github, but trying the suggested steps doesn't get me anywhere. 

What I'm looking for is someone that can dive in and get things working again and for this I'm happy to pay! I feel like I've tried everything I can with my (admittedly limited) technical skills, so it's time to hire an expert. 

Can someone help? 

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I think I might need to let this sink in


We've had a massive spike of traffic with the Service Provider listed as inc.

The traffic's behaviour is very very consistent with a crawler (medium = direct, many different landing pages, usually 1 page per session) but the methodical way it's listed every site makes it look to my eyes like it's a "person-ordered" indexing rather than an "everyday" indexing by something like SEMalt. 

My question is: has anyone ever managed to tap this sort of traffic back to a specific crawler? For instance, does use Amazon's servers to scale its crawls? Or another competitive intelligence tool maybe? 

I doubt this is something we'll ever get to the bottom of, but I'd still like to know whether anyone has any anecdotal evidence on this sort of thing. 
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