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Din Dinoh
احاطه شده توسط آب : bit machinist
احاطه شده توسط آب : bit machinist
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Här läser man i godan ro när plötsligt:

"Comment by: Terry A. Davis on Dec. 2, 2013
In TempleOS, you do not have OBJ or EXE files. Kernel.BIN and Compiler.BIN are the only binary files. File sizes are shockingly small, shockingly small."

+Adam H !

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  #Nechtan Sitrep - 23rd May 2015

13.5 million mu
10 layers of fields
UK - Sweden - Denmark - Norway collaboration
_Draw  -


Twas the night of Eurovision, and as the contestants gathered in Vienna, another exciting contest played out in Scandinavia. In glittery dresses and with perfect make-up, agents from four countries prepared to create a multi layer field over Northern Denmark. After Sweden had won the previous year's event by an electrifying 4.4 points in Gothenburg, viewers were glued to their screens to see if they could succeed again.  Norway, Denmark, UK and Sweden were ready to.... um... perform. Pressure  was increased by the link time being only a short time before a shard jump, with shards on the Netherlands coast and in Norfolk.

As the sun rose we found the stage had been set with some very flashy lighting effects #Bornholmsun2015   these were a little excessive so we waited until they were done before proceeding. The night's show was tense and dramatic, results as follows…

UK - 5 points

The UK were first to take the stage, with a 1022km link through the North sea and some very complicated parts of Denmark. Although they started slightly off key, UK were able to expertly close the last 4 fields deepening the blue over Denmark. Don't worry, UK, we are still in love with you. Congratulations to @MollyDolly and @Arekahn for their biggest fields to date, and platinum illuminator badges.@flygirl1 got something over a million mu too, which is about what it takes for her to get out of bed.

Norway - 102 points

Norway were swiftly moved up the bill when a green Monster link was thrown from the Island of Norderny Netherlands to a remote Norwegian lighthouse. This was believed to be a shard guide link, with a shard perilously placed at a lighthouse on the Netherlands coast. Agent was dispatched with no notice to clear, driving for three hours to achieve this task. Simultaneous drop and link was achieved. I would guess the frogs were Scarlett when they saw that. Norway agent @Magiclove also got “sand in places sand should not go” whilst removing blocks at short notice in Denmark! Eek, well at least you were on holiday!

Sweden - 365 points

Increasingly known as the heroes of their time, Sweden pulled off the performance of the night with complex coastal island clearance, built up areas, and responsibility for the majority of the linking. Agent @illidan was the singing coach and her totalitarian regime led to great success! You were superb as always, thank you.. Marked the debut of @Hulth who will go on to great things. And well done to @Tigerman79 for getting pulled over by the police on his way to the performance.

Denmark - backstage antics

Being anti-social media did not seem to be an issue with these agents, who were very coordinated and chatty on hangouts. I was stunned by the professionalism of their intel and the efficiency of the complex clearance they achieved. Tricky islands, remote areas and green towns were handled superbly and ahead of planned link time. Even a town called “Blockhus” ended up not doing so.@CDjernaes threw himself gallantly into the undergrowth narrowly missing a green agent on a scooter, and was undetected. Special mention for @DonHenrique who ended up in a direct portal battle to clear the route @MonoTovarisj even did intel after returning from reducing the threat from the link star. Denmark are incredible - Maybe it is just the way they are.

Special mention to @Kyll1ng for being my coach throughout this, and answering every silly question about RESWUE with patience and kindness. Also thank you to @KETSUP @pikaboom @niklash and @mojsan for giving me the keys and a great time in Gothenburg.

Thanks to everyone for making this such a pleasure @mimtwin 


+Joe Philley +Ingress +Anne Beuttenmüller  #Beornhaeth   #Resistance   #Nechtan   #Eurovision   #RESWUEisAwesome  
#Nechtan 23/5/16
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Världens bästa band i Värmland!
Om du känt att du saknat något i ditt musikbibliotek kan det vara just denna EP. ;) Finns också på Spotify. #‎cliffmedk‬

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Ooohhh oohhhh oooohhhh ooohhh Burial goes 80's slow dance, and disco!

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Operation Shiitake

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+Adam H nu vet du hur en hackare ser ut!

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There is no operating system. 

Om jag manuellt skriver in ett hostnamn i en configfil så har jag antagligen varit lat. Eller dum. Ja båda då. 

Om min server har ett hostname så är det jag som har ett problem. 
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