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          She is My Spirit
It took a long time to get here.  This was like a workout pushing myself to overcome every obstacle to achieve my perfect physical and mental balance.   I have tried the newest and the most inventive way of achieving my goal.  Pushing and pushing myself and even though I have taken all the precautions to make the right decisions for my future – I still felt that I was missing something.
So, frustration every now and then it seeps into my soul and spirit because I am a righteous man trying to rule the world or at least make a dent. 
However, I have realized that no matter how I walked; standing erect, dressed, talked, accomplished, overcome, prayed and obtaining the material things and being the best Man of the World I can be!
As I sat down one day and looked around and no matter how much of the beautiful things I had; it still missed a supporting spirit and with my testaments on my shoulder - I pulled that book of spiritual strength that makes every man bend down and say to himself – choke it up, bend down and jerk that weight! 
Then as I say to myself!  What is a kingdom without a Queen!  What is life without that voice of balance whom can be as harsh as rock or as soft as flower!  What is worth the fight without with the comfort of her arms to console you when your armor which has been intruded.
See, the power that all men seek is that voice of reason that comes from – She! She is that image of growth, seed, nurturing, love, peace, beauty, balance and extension of life. 
If you ever look at that one zodiac sign: She is balancing the key of life.
I am thankful for her spirit because that is why I am here and we came from her spirit and now we are trying to find that spirit from our beautiful angels because She is My Spirit!
Written by Calishak
Calishak LLC/Kazfilm Prod. Unlocking the Doors Together; We Believe Success Is An Option! Know Yourself and Know Your Worth!

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                                                         Kneeled Down
As I go through the memories of the day and as I kneeled down earlier this morning and this night before I sleep.  I thank thee for the gift of life but at the same time I wonder is this a gift or a curse.  I sometimes have tears falling from my mind because I will not say that word CAN’T even though the mountains I climb are steep!  And as I kneel down and hold my symbol of love for thee; the days of what was and what will be run like a marathon in my mind.  Yet! There is this pence of strength that say Hallelujah! and in my soul it says everything is going to be alright and then suddenly I come at peace with my spirit and let him know I am thankful for another day as I look for tomorrow if it is to be for me to conquer that mountain even though it may just be a step.  And once again I kneel down and say Hallelujah!
Written by Calishak
Calishak LLC/Kazfilm Prod. Unlocking the Doors Together; We Believe Success Is An Option! Know Yourself and Know Your Worth!

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As she stepped out the door... I suddenly felt empty; when she leaves I officially miss her: the kiss, smile, eyes, laugh, nibbling, touch, hug, wittiness, beauty, sexiness, confidence, security, legs, hair, toes, thighs, tone, manicure, music, inhaling her, dance, playing bones, her walk, just simply missing her image ... Because now I have to wait seconds, minutes, hours until she walks into that order to feel complete again.
Written by Calishak.
Calishak LLC/Kazfilm Prod. Unlocking the Doors Together; We Believe Success Is An Option! Know Yourself and Know Your Worth!

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Simply a beautiful song for inspiration for all..

Calishak LLC/Kazfilm Prod. Unlocking the Doors;Together We Believe Success Is An Option! Know Yourself and Know Your Worth!

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                             PLAY THAT GAME
I can't sugar coat bullshit! Time to tell the truth!! My life has been good but the bullshit
has been in abundance lately....... being kind in this world is not an option when it
comes to living in a peaceful plane... you can be kind and you will be stripped or you can
be ass and be respected.   There are some people that intentionally want to make you
fail!!!! I believe failure is not an option and it is not a part of my skeleton...  which path
do you take when you feel forced to take another.... so I have learned to play that game
this is not what I want to do but what I have to do!!!? Damn!!!! To be the alter ego!!
That person!!!! That person!!!!! That you try to hide...because you know that he or she
doesn't care about the end results ... they just want it finished! Why? Do they push?
and pry to bring us to this point....... playing the game of lies, threats and conjunctions
of bittersweet ends.   Sometimes I wonder why I am here at this point!!!  They say play
that game!! For instance why be mad at the King James for taking a path for a better
future when he knew his path was done before it ended!!!! We have all been there!!!
Playing that game is not an option it is reality and it is immoral!!!! But we have no
alternative and be damned but be good at playing the game of life!!! Because!!!! Guess
what it's your life that they are playing with... it's you!!! So in order to have a happy
ending sometimes you have to be an asshole to get respect!!!! In order for the mental
and spiritual solitude to last another day and to extend time on your life!!! Remember
stress kills!!!!!!!!.. I hate to be real but s??? Someone has to be!!! In order to play that
game!!!  Remember the referee says don't go out of bounds or you will be penalized,
don't foul or you get hit for a violation, if you call out your teammates you are a trouble
maker, or if you play safe you are a punk. Which game face do i put on today!!!  Damn is
it the good guy - who gets no respect and gets pushed around on the court of life or is it
the bad guy - which people admire secretly but say they hate but get his points across on
the court of life and screams - hell yeah!!!  Hmmmmm well it’s time to play the second
half... I guess you will have to wait and see which player shows up.

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It's game time!!! - The Golden State Warriors vs The Cleveland Cavaliers!! Awesome ending to this weekend! @warriors @stephencurry @Cleveland @cavaliers @calishak Wooooo!!!! - almost good as @power on Starz...

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I asked God to stop the moon when I see you to cherish your beauty for a moment that seems like forever🌙
- Calishak

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This was a fantastic game 1 of the Finals - Warriors 108 Cavaliers 100 my sister is pissed kicking me out of her house in the morning luckily I have a plane flight to go back west Go GSW. @warriors @stephencurry @calishak @cavaliers... This is what we've been waiting for a great game of our MVP's... It's going to be a great series💯💸 - Calishak

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I see the future and its brighter than I ever thought not because I prayed on my knees and shed tears and said " God I just want to make things right" but because my faith is even stronger than before and the doors of avenues that I've never imagined before have begun to open....this is the real shit! that makes me believe that I am not in this fight Alone!!!! - Calishak

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Happy Birthday to two of the most amazing women that are twins; who are our mothers of the Ali and Munir family. We love you so much because you have protected us, nurtured us, believed in us, discipline us and taught us how to respect ourselves even when our paths were uncertain. Without you we would not have learned how to pursue our happiness of Family, Success and God. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMS! From your children, grandchildren and family across the states. Loving you always. C. Ali
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