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"Medicinally Saving Lives One Breath At A Time" Michael R. Larson
"Medicinally Saving Lives One Breath At A Time" Michael R. Larson

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VAPEMYRX.COM IS CURRENTLY IN THEIR TENATIVE STATE OF PREPARING FOR ITS EPIC Vape420 PLATFORMS OF MMJ (USA-LEGAL-STATES) ONLY OF VETTING AND VERIFICATIONS SYSTEMS. Temporary website is published while the formal is under cunstruction and agreements with vendors are finalized. We've been working on the implementation of this with patented products and formulations both in the USA and Canada for ovrr 5 years and are extremely excited to see this once visionary dream becoming soon a reality. I am out to save lives...1 breath at a time! Cheers, Michael Raymond Larson, Founder / Inventor
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For more information please email as the main site is promoted lunch Oct 1 @ 4: 2 0 we begin vetting typically depending on your state since federal is fast with your passport.

"Saving One Breath At A Time" - Michael Raymond Larson

Today marks the day in and of which almost a decade of difference in innovative inhalation development here since the Northern America importation of a hand help. Closely monitoring every change typical and passive vaporization due to the 3 key elements regarding the ultra full vaporinfusions mixture with essential oil in the cavaty has been the a main goal of most of us vape enginners. By utalilizing Michael's intellectual property that maintains 2 chamers within a cavity methodology. An award perhaps as large as BD'S *(hypodermic syringe) like the pronouncing of the Nobel Piece prise, abolished pills to smoothly enter your organs of which some actually help in the dissolve but then reape havekt on organ for today, there is no need . Or soon for men as-Well-As women your ED exhibition maybe a thing of the past. Under a minute! While your partner is still brushing their gums. Insulin; forget the pen pricks:) EXPENSIVE and somewhat painful. Ask about our Financial help by either terms or zero down until your cash flow is at your compfort level dually agreed. Our companies mission statement is from our founder/CTO Michael Raymond Larson and holds true the goal were just awaiting is the charter. Have formered a NV nonprofit vape420 {TM}. THIS ORGANISATION IS dually responsible for the financials, RnD for new innovation of which we promise something new every 30ish...60 days. With a supply of nearly a monopoly of legal pharmaceutical grade oil, a medical grade inhalation delivery apparatus / device available in the USA, Canada, and Isreal. We a pleased that the founders and CEO has come to an agreement regarding license fees and when they become available to remain open. Fees will NOT be the exact same for each vendor, so please stay professional and read below.

We, at inventive one D/B/A vapemyrx have successfully with validity dropped shipped to Princeton, NJ: time from smartphone app order to valid patient - 1 2 Mins!!!!!

1M million / .5ML Medical grade inhalation devices with all of are currently active vapor technologies including no ceramics (ceramic is exactly what the inhalation of Aluminum Oxide) see NJ health warnings please cause you have a right to know. So that not been pharmaceutical grade, then oviously a japanese organic wick is out of our nature as one might as well inhal a heated cotton ball above the fire for non-cumbusting method. Or a heating source capable of dropping the visceral material to "stretch the "liquid" to the near fillamting element is a the true vapor infusion(s) occurs. Michael's innovaion between all the different structures needed complements this atypical micronic infiltrating delivery device that could soon within years under patents become the next 125 year med to blood virtually with extremely less intrusive means.
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