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Very disappointed and upset with my experience at Pacific Eye Clinic. I was referred to this clinic by a social worker who recommended it especially for low income patients-- I'm an AmeriCorps VISTA and make $900/month, so I was looking to get a contact fitting for cheap. Keep in mind, I am a young adult with no history of adverse eye health or complications (astigmatism, etc.) Incredibly straightforward exam that I've never paid more than $120 for (Costco). Boy, was I misinformed. I brought in my SNAP letter detailing that I receive full governmental benefits, thinking that was my ticket to a $50 eye exam. I was slammed with a $240 bill after my *INITIAL* exam (stay tuned, folks) that was partially covered by my VISTA "health benefit" plan ($200, so I paid $40 out of pocket). I was expecting the exam to cost $100 less, money I was planning on using to purchase contacts. My first exam, which, by the way, took two and a half hours, I was provided contacts that I didn't really care for. My optometrist, though well-intentioned, refused to write me a script for contacts I've been wearing since I was 18 because they are "day and night", and she believes they're worse for your eyes. I was scheduled for a second eye exam to "check the fit" of the contacts-- something I've never had to do with other optometrists in the past. It was weird, but I obliged. After my second exam, (one hour long, btw) which I forgot to wear the contacts to and therefore had to schedule an unprecedented *third* exam, I asked for a line item receipt of my charges because I thought the $240 sounded fishy. After reviewing it, I noticed they had charged me full price for the glasses exam ($130), though I had proved I was low income and qualified for the $50 exam, a difference of $80. I decided to bring it up at my *third* appointment. I told the receptionist (who was very nice, I had dealt with a rather snotty one my last two times who was fortunately not there for my third visit) that I was unsure if the charges on my account were accurate and asked if she could check it. I brought in my SNAP letter again, explaining that I'm a VISTA and live below the poverty line. She told me that "since [I] had insurance", the discount didn't count. Wait, what? I have a "health benefit" plan that covers out of pocket medical costs, up to $200 for optometry. It is plastered all over the website of this benefit plan that it is NOT an insurance plan. She offered to revoke the charges and take off the benefit plan, upon which I would owe them $140. What?? So, either I pay them $140 out of pocket and use my benefit plan to buy contacts (DO NOT order contacts from PEC, a box of my contacts costs $45 at Costco and $90 at PEC), or just buy contacts from Costco, neither of which I can afford. I was stuck between a rock and financial hardship. So, I was just so upset that I told them how horrid my experience had been at their eye clinic and just left. I probably would've saved $40 if I had listened to her, but I was so fed up with having to go to the clinic THREE TIMES for a simple eye exam and be overcharged by $100 for something that I really should've gone to Costco for in the first place. I write this obscenely long review in an effort to paint as clear of a picture as possible, and though I am biased and anyone should take such a ridiculous review with a grain of salt, it goes to show how awful and frustrating an experience I had with this damn eye clinic. I'm giving it two stars because the intern who so meticulously studied my eyes was very sweet, the optometrist was well-intentioned, and I enjoyed my interactions with every receptionist (except for one who was incredibly snobby to me my first trip in for "not informing [her] of my benefits, so [she] would have to get on the phone next time there was a chance", which was five minutes later, but I had already explained my situation when I made the appointment, so I really didn't understand why she had to be rude to me). TL;DR: When you're shopping around to get your eyes checked, just go to Costco.
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I was referred to Pacific Eye Clinic as a low-cost clinic (I'm an AmeriCorps VISTA and don't have a high income). I was able to show my SNAP benefits letter to get a $50 glasses exam--- great, but not the best. I also agreed to a contact lens fitting, which, to be fair, they warned me it would cost anywhere between $90 and $150 (ish). I am 25, and have no major vision problems (astigmatism, bifocal, etc), so I agreed beforehand to pay the bill. I've never paid more than $120 or $130 for a vision check. HUGE mistake!! $240?? I have NO idea how it got so high-- I didn't even order any contacts! One of the women up front had already been rude to me about my weird insurance (which, I had warned about when making the appointment, but she still gave me flack for not letting her know ahead of time), so I just signed it and left. Oh, by the way, the appointment took TWO hours. I have a "free" (lol) follow up appointment to get my eyes dilated. I should've gone to Costco. The only reason I give any stars is because my doctor was very knowledgeable and lovely, and my intern was sweet and thorough (hence, 2 hours). Not pleased with this place and would NOT recommend to someone without eye insurance and ALSO low income!
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The gym at Mt. Pleasant is better than the downtown gym, but the yoga studio downtown is superior to the Mt. Pleasant studio. The teachers in the Mt. Pleasant studio are quite exclusive and will make you feel unwelcome in their class. The only reason I gave this gym a one is because of the downtown Blue Turtle--- I loved all of the teachers! However, when I went to cancel my membership because I was moving, they informed me that I was too late to cancel for the upcoming payment period (even though I thought I was three days early). Since I started my membership on the ninth of the month, I had to cancel it before the ninth to prevent being charged. I was told that if I canceled before the 15th that I'd be fine. I'm quite upset that I'm wasting $50 on a gym that isn't even eco friendly!! SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT THEY DO FOR THE ENVIRONMENT (where are the recycle bins, at least??)
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Cleanest laundromat experience I've ever had! So many machines and convenient areas to sit while you're waiting, including tables with power strips next to them. I had a bunch of blankets and towels, and the big washers were awesome for that. Would recommend!
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