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Fairview Studios 2016 Fall Pottery Sale
It's totally that time of year again. We all look forward to seeing you at our next studio sale!

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Are We There yet?
It has been a while since I have posted an actual post with anything worth saying. I've been busy, tired and burned out. That big fall show did me in. But now that spring has arrived on the prairies, I am feeling more and more energized to make new and inte...

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Fairview Studios - Spring 2016 Pottery Sale
it's been a while since I posted anything on this blog. There has been a lot going on, but mostly over on Instagram. Anyway, I just want to let everyone know about the pottery sale on May 1st at the Calgary Jewish Centre from 10 am to 2p. Come and check us ...

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Fairview Pottery Sale - Fall 2015 - NEW LOCATION, NEW DAY, NEW TIME!!!
In case you were wondering, the sale info is below. Note that the location has changed, as has the day and time.

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UH OH...What Have I Done?!?
The title sounds a bit ominous, but in reality, it is just my inner doubter/critic in me. I have news and it is probably good! I have been accepted into and I have just signed the contract and paid the first installment for ......the 2015 Festival of Crafts...

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Spring Pottery Sale!
It's that time of year again. The Fairview Studios Potters have been working hard all winter and now its time to see what they have created and maybe buy a few pots too. There is one small change to the sale this year. We will no longer be accepting cheques...

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Fear and Loathing...
Sometimes setting goals can be scary. Yesterday I was
confronted with the looming deadlines for application into a few art &
craft shows this year. I had made the decision to apply before the holidays
last year and have been busily throwing pots towards tha...

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Just a quick update
Just a quick recap of the events leading up to today: On June 21st of 2013, Calgary and many surrounding areas were inundated by a vast quantity of water in the form of spring melt run off as well as pretty heavy rainfall in the mountains. The result was pr...

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How many pots?
I mentioned previously (twice actually, due to a moment of
senility), that after 14 years of potting, I am finally thinking hard about putting on my big girl pottery pants
and entering a large craft show next fall. I have spent the intervening time

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Condo Status and Other More Interesting Stuff
Firstly, for all of you out there that are wondering if I
will be home for Christmas, the answer is NO. The engineer report regarding the
source / solution to the water that mysteriously showed up in my unit on
October 17th just came in and they don't have ...
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