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I like chocolate milk!
I like chocolate milk!


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"I start training tomorrow, and I'm looking for a haircut that'll leave a lasting impression."
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Earlier today I was on the +Fantasy Grounds​ forums, looking for some info about the recent patch, when I see this thread where the OP is just being a douche-nozzle.

He starts out kind of okay; just asking a question about 5e functionality. A little snarky, but not bad. But when the community responds with what amounts to "naw, FG doesn't do that, but here's how you could get around it...", he starts getting ugly. He's griping about the cost of the software, how he's spent seven years apologizing to others for the low quality of the software, and how he must have made a mistake by talking up FG on his YouTube channel.

Mind you, at this point the developers of FG haven't even had a chance to weigh in yet. Dude is just lashing out at the community.

Why am I telling you this? The internet is full of rage posters and douche-nozzles, yeah? I'm telling you because the nozzle in question is an otherwise highly respected member of the community. Hell, I'm one of his YouTube subscribers.

Or was it?

I really hope that was just someone using Matt Colville's name, and not really him. Or, if it was him, that he was just having a crappy day and took it out on the internet.

Because, dang I'd hate to find out that he was just an average grade fuck-nut. That would seriously ruin my night.
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If you like D&D and you enjoy comics, then I strongly recommend Rat Queens.

If you've read the original series and you liked it, then you'll be happy to know that it's been relaunched with a new artist.

I just finished reading the first issue of the relaunch, and it is as great as the original series. I can't recommend it enough.
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Holy crap, I hate the term "Mary Sue". Fucking nails on a chalkboard, throbbing forehead vein, explosive nerd rage type hate. 
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Hey +Mark Causey​, here's some Stars Without Number inspiration for ya.
Vampiric Bio-hybrid star ship habitat level is complete, a muscle driven elevator near the center goes up to operations or down to cargo/engineering. 2 more levels and the hull to create, almost done...

I'm considering introducing a small house rule to my 5e campaign. But before I do, I'd like to get your opinion on it. Specifically, I'm looking for feedback about unforseen side effects of the change.

Here it is:
"When a player's character is reduced to zero HP that character gains the conditions of INCAPACITATED and PRONE in place of UNCONSCIOUS. The character may not lose their INCAPACITATED condition until they regain at least one HP. The character may lose their PRONE condition by spending movement speed to stand, as usual."

If you don't have your PHB at hand, the essence of the change is that 0HP characters gain the option of moving on their turn while still being unable to heal themselves. The prone bit is mostly for dramatic flair.

It is my intention and hope that this change would alleviate the frustration that comes naturally from having an unconscious character during a lengthy combat. Amongst other possibilities that would depend on the situation, a character who can move but not act may choose to move towards someone who might heal them (via administering a potion or casting a spell) or they may choose to attempt to retreat.


Do you see any possible problems with this change that I might not have considered?

I don't always care for the D&D 5e rules for interacting with objects. Specifically the rule that says that drawing or sheathing a weapon counts as "object interaction" gets under my skin.

What this boils down to is that you're permitted to draw a weapon and attack with it. However, if you already had a weapon in your hand, you can choose between dropping the first weapon on the ground (yay?) or taking two full actions to put one weapon away before drawing & attacking with the other. Heck, if you wanted to draw one weapon and put the other away without attacking, you couldn't do that as it would still count as two actions. At this point the attack is the free part, isn't it?

In my opinion that's not fun, and it's not particularly evocative of high-action adventuring.

Therefore drawing or sheathing a weapon is a free action in my campaign; just so long as it's reasonable to assume your character has a way to do so quickly (sling your bow over your shoulder, slip a dagger into a hip or chest sheath, etc).

Now, if you're planning to switch between your heavy crossbow and your 25lb maul... okay, that's a different story. But we'll talk about that when it happens.
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Not to pat myself on the back (I don't want to give myself a cramp), but I'm pretty happy with how our D&D campaign's world building is coming along.

So far, the heroes have visited a ruined old port town run by aristocratic Dragonborn, a small village whose citizens were accidentally turned into fish by the local alchemist, a small old quartz mine taken over by a small band of dog-riding goblins, a large port city run by High Elves and guarded (in part) by golems made of mossy-green and white marble, and the ruins of a city that fell to war over a hundred years previous that's being rebuilt by a team of Gnomish engineers.

Overall, it's feeling pretty solid to me. Very "in-focus". I'm hopeful my players feel the same.
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The 5e rules for stealth in combat aren't bad, but they can be hard to parse. In this post I cover how I intend to adjudicate the Hide action in a way that should allow my players to know exactly what they need to do to be all ninja-style.
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Another virtue of VTT gaming presents itself.

I'm in that kinda-sick phase of an illness. I'm tired and sniffly, but not completely out of it. There's no way I'd travel to a friend's house or even invite people into my house in this condition. But! I have just enough energy to DM via TS3 and Fantasy Grounds.

I hope!
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