Connectivist Learning – Searching Yourself
"I do what I do, not because I have to, but because I have to …"

Background - My blog for this weekend was sparked by:

(1) a G+ search-command that I recently learned from +Ronnie Bincer, which I shared in another G+ post and which I first encountered in the recent Google Powersearch MOOC that I had previously completed a few of months back, but not realized how to apply the skills learned till I saw Ronnie's G+ post

(2) a couple of older but still recent G+ discussions, for example, the "legendary" magnitude posts by +Demian Farnworth and +Michael Bennett  , plus a few other G+ discussions in which I had engaged in recently (too many to list here), but I will mention +George Station +Laura Gibbs +Justin Schwamm +Richard Green  , and a relevant earlier blog I that wrote on Rhizomatic Learning


(3) an intellectual and productive Google Hangout session with +Stefan P. Schmid in which we discussed the mechanics of online Connectivist Learning, and the dearth of R&D in "learning pedagogy" in the non-academic world due to secularism in academia
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