+Ronnie Bincer THANKS a million for pointing me to this! Wow! the power of searching for specific comments... I've been wanting to do this for SO long but never knew how!!!

... OK. I should stop talking and go try it now. (grin!)
How to Easily Find Your Google+ Comments...

Use Google Plus SEARCH in a special way and you can find your comments (and other people's shares of your stuff, etc.)

Many people know that much of the value here in the Plus exists inside the interaction or comments that happen along with posts.

Use this technique to find your comments...
Enter a Google Plus search like this:
"Ronnie Bincer" -inurl:108210288375340023376

Where the name in quotes is Your Google Plus name and the number after the '-inurl:' text is Your Profile ID.

You can find your profile ID number by going to your 'Profile' area and snagging it from within the URL up top.

Thanks for this technique go to +Nico Gerrits who mentioned how to do it in a bunch of comments on a post by +Gideon Rosenblatt where he was talking about Hashtags and how they are searchable now inside comments. Thanks also to +Sean Grace for asking the inspiring question.

GREAT TIP!!! for sure... Where's Me Treasure?!?
Share it with your friends, and SAVE the SEARCH you do so you can get back to it later - Great for DATA MINING and seeing who is sharing your stuff as well.
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