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Elevator pitch on file with building manager.
Elevator pitch on file with building manager.


Does the existence of the Mesh conference in Toronto give you pause about the name?

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A Republican Study Committee has nailed "three myths about copyright law" and has suggested 4 excellent reforms. Is there actual hope???

The 3 myths are:

1 The purpose of copyright is to compensate the creator of the content
2 Copyright is free market capitalism at work

3 The current copyright legal regime leads to the greatest innovation and productivity

And the four “potential policy solutions” are:

1 Statutory damages reform
2 Expand Fair Use
3 Punish false copyright claims
4 Heavily limit the terms for copyright, and create disincentives for renewal

Here's the link to the pdf of the report:

Also, if I'm permitted to say so on G+, I've started a thread on Reddit:
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My dentist is doing a hard sell on OraCure mouthwash. I see very little about it on the Web. Anyone ever hear of it?
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And I'm at the point where I'm happy to hear the Obama campaign call some of these claims by their proper name: lie.
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I'm having what to me is a weird php problem, and I'm wondering if you can help me figure out the shamefully obvious mistake I'm making. Sound like fun?

I have a javascript app that runs a bunch of php scripts via ajax, all running locally on my Mac, using the built-in apache server. It's been working for years, but on my new Lion Mac, the php scripts no longer return the files they're supposed to be reading. They return the php script itself.

The php scripts work fine if I run them from the command line. They work fine if I run them directly from the command line. They do not work if Ajax runs them.

Things I have tried by way of debugging:

- The javascript works fine on my non-Lion computers
- I have adjusted httpd.conf so that the php module loads, and I have restarted my Mac to make double sure that the configuration change has taken.
- Apache is definitely running: gets the "it works" msg.
- I have tried running the ajax using jquery and using the old-fashioned longhand ways. Same problem. (I have made sure that jquery is in fact loading.)

I've tried googling for this up and down, but I'm stumped. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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What MMORPG should I play? I've played an embarrassing number of PC-based video games over my lifetime, and still do. (Ah, it feels good to get that off my chest.) But I've tended toward single-player games. My biggest exception: I've spent waaaay too much time on Left4Dead (and Quake 3 back in the day). I love L4D because of the way it is engineered toward collaboration; you can't win unless you support your team. It's actually quite beautiful. Especially if you like killing the moral equivalent of zombies.

But for research purposes, I want to get experience in other multi-player online games that are more typical of the genre. I don't like grinding, and badges and achievements really don't do anything for me. For some reason, World of Warcraft didn't grab me.

So, if I want to play a massively multi-player game on my PC both to get a better sense of them (which means it has to be somewhat typical of the genre) and to have fun, what do you recommend?
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I'm researching digital scholarship with Shakespeare scholarship as my example. I am particularly interested in  networks of scholars and scholarship, but would love to know about any aspect of this, including computational analysis, online variora, etc.

Here's some of what I know about already:

- Delicious list of databases
- The Gale Collection
- Folios:
- Shakespeare Database Project
- The Tempest for iPad
- The crowdsourced issue of Shakespeare Quarterly
- Blogs like and, but I'd love to know about more

I know this is barely a scratched surface. Any pointers? Thanks!
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Anyone know how to save a google doc as a personal template? The instructions say to click on "submit" on the main template page, but I don't see any such button.
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