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Fine-Tuning Your Social Media Marketing Approach
Social media has permeated nearly every facet of today’s culture, making it a powerful marketing tool. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to harness its power by neglecting to develop a focused strategy for social media marketing. A few tips can go a long ways toward success in the world of social media.
Content, Content, Content           
A deadly pitfall in social media marketing is sacrificing quality to quantity. In the drive to be visible, many companies fail to provide, good, engaging content that will draw readers in. A few quick pointers to keeping content relevant include:
●      Keeping it Simple – avoid cluttering content with too many “extras” - links, hashtags, and the like.
●      Eye Candy – follow the clues of many social media posts and add pictures and videos.
●      Engage – Ask questions, create polls, get feedback: do what it takes to get interaction from users.
Keep it Visible
After content, visibility is the next most important factor in social media marketing. If you want to stick out in people’s minds, they need to see you, often.
●      Timing – take the challenge of learning the best time to reach your target audience. Then make sure you post then. Great content badly timed will yield poor results.
●      Button up – social media buttons on your emails, websites, and blogs are a great way to get others to help you advertise.
Be a Social Butterfly
Social media is a two-way street. You will be most relevant when you respond to comments, appreciate shares, and stay active in your posting. Dedicate some time and you will see outstanding results.
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