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How to Rank in Your City for Generic Keyword Phrases

The Legal Marketing Coach, James Greenier, discusses how to rank your website for generic keyword phrases that do not include the city name in the keyword phrase.

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Check out this article I saw on "New Fed Initiatives Include Ignition Interlock Guidelines to Reduce Fatal Drunk Driving Accidents."
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Lawyer Success Tip #21

Create Content That Converts 

News stories on your blog doesn't create business opportunities. When you write content for a legal blog, consider writing on topics that attract searches from your ideal client. 

I always recommend to my clients to keep a note pad handy when providing a free consultation. Write down the questions you are asked. Each of these questions is an excellent topic for a new blog.

If you need help with your blog writing, call Legal Content Writers at 1-800-877-2776 for your free trial article.

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Lawyer Success Tip #20 

Google's latest algorithm change will favor mobile-friendly sites, so make sure yours is ready! This new algorithm change goes in to effect in mid-April of 2015.

Not sure if your site meets Google's requirements? 

Below is Google's new Mobile Testing Tool. Click the link below and see our client's example and test you website too.

Call 1-800-877-2776 if you need a mobile website.

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Lawyer Success Tip #20

Save Time Posting To Social Media 

We have used HootSuite to schedule and manage our social outreach. HootSuite enables you to engage with people across all your accounts on one dashboard.

They offer a Free Version here:

Action plan:
1. Set up a free account to see if HootSuite saves you time
2. Mark it on your calendar to use HootSuite each day for 30 days so it becomes a habit
3. Train your staff to manage it for you as part of their daily responsibilities.

In doing so, you will:
1. Build social media awareness
2. Save time
3. Enhance you SEO "Trustworthiness"
4. Keep your firm on the "cutting" edge versus the "bleeding edge"
5. Pick up a few client and possibly a lot of clients over time.
6. Consistency Pays
Be sure to create your own original content for maximum results. The web and Google reward those who build authority and offer original content. I recommend that you write a blog article on your website and use social media to introduce this new article and link to your blog article.

Need Website or Blog Content? Need Spanish Translated Copy?
Call me at 1 (800) 877-2776 or visit for more information.

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Lawyer Success Tip #19

5 Cutting Edge Content Marketing Tips

1. Use BuzzFeed Style Headlines
2. New Paid Content Opportunities
3. Write ONLY In-Depth, 1500+ Word Blog Posts
4. Design is More Important that Content (not sure I agree as content drives traffic)
5. Use Outreach to Get Results

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Lawyer Success Tip #19 (Create More Conversions)

Video Bios Work!

Traffic is your utmost goal in web marketing, however what happens when your "ideal client" shows up on your website?

Is there a connection made or are you just another face in the crowd?

Video bios are a superior way to lock in your prospects attention, gain trust and differentiate your law firm from the "noise."

I will skip all the stats and data points - just do it.

1. Hire a professional videographer company that has been around at least 5 years. You will get quality lighting, sound and graphics. Plus they will be around and have your graphics, music, etc on file should you need more videos.

2. Don't sell yourself and be interesting. Focus on being "professionally likable."

3. Memorize your script

4. Briefly touch upon your areas of practice and qualifications.

5. Thank the viewer for visiting your page and ask for the business. Offer something of value and guide them into engagement. Promote a Free downloadable report, free in-office consult, etc.

6. Share your attorney bio videos on Social Media, Youtube, Vimeo, etc.

7. Add links to blog posts.

1,000s of marketing blog articles at
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Lawyer Success Tip #18

Press Releases Rock, But Be Warned

Press Releases, if used properly, can offer a lot of advantages for marketing and branding your law practice. Press Releases builds traffic to your website, links, builds or reinforces the brand, protects your brand and increases referrals. In fact, the latest news by SEO Land and others is that these links still work for link building and SEO.

However, Google has recently announced that links with optimized anchor text in articles or press releases distributed on other sites are now considered "link schemes." WOW!

So be extra careful to use "NoFollow" attributes on your links if you plan on using keyword enriched links in Press Releases.

Law Firm Press Release Tips

1. Press Releases are great for burying bad reviews
2. Press Releases are great for grabbing traffic/leads on hot topics like defective products, new legislation that affects your clients, and more!
3. Use keywordphrases in your title, headline, description, etc.
4. Add video, pictures, quotes, attachments and more.
5. Think hot topic/lead generation and free offer like a report

Need more help, call me at (800) 877-2776 for free advice.
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