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On Mobile-friendly Becoming a Search Ranking Factor on 4/21 - Q&A Hangout With Google's John Mueller

This morning's meeting with John Mueller has a trove of answers & recommendations regarding Google's big announcement that (, Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal, meaning more #mobilefriendly  sites in search results.

So here I've time stamped the Q&A's on this topic:
0:25   John announces mobile-friendliness is becoming a ranking factor.

0:55   Mobile-friendly by Default a presentation
          by John Mueller, Google Feb 27, 2015

9:22   If a site is not mobfr (my mobile-friendly abbr.) what are Google's suggestions.

10:50   Is mobfr ranking going to start immediately on announced date, or will it be a rollout over a period of time?

11:59   When you rollout the update, are nonmobile-friendly sites going to drop down, or will we still see these ranking in higher positions?

31:25   John's giggle that's fun to click replays. :D

Here I managed to squeeze in a few minutes for my own questions on the mobfr ranking changes (Yes, please excuse my cold. LOL.) :

44:40   Will mobile search results now become significantly different from regular search, or will this change affect all platforms?

45:24   Was there significant restructuring needed to separate mobile search results rankings from desktop search?

46:18  Will mobile search specifically be looking just to surface mobfr content, or will it also be looking to demote non-mobfr?

47:32   Are the factors listed in our WMT going to be the specific factors affecting our ranking, or is that just as a notification, something that operates entirely separately?

48:44   So it would be safe to assume the WMT data that we're seeing, is the content that is being used for that ranking?

49:33   Of the specific WMT ranking factors, which would you say are most important that they will more strongly affect these changes?

50:54   Will users reaction within mobile be playing strong on results?

51:50   from Mihai, is the affect mobile ranking factors give to mobfr websites simply black & white, or is it degrees, like depending on scores?

53:20   Would it be a problem if interstitials show up a minute, or so later, or do these have to be shown immediately?

56:53   On behalf of another user, I ask a question regarding an interesting search result [allegedly] seen on mobile, where certain mobile results are preceeded by a red Slow label. Here is that image   which appears to show Google experimenting with labeling slow loading results with a bold red tag.

#MobileFriendly   #GoogleSearch   #ResponsiveWebDesign  
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Do your headlines capture the attention of the right people? Need some good ideas to enhance your headlines? A great headline gets your audience to stop, read and share your content. In this article, +Heidi Cohen explains four ways to craft stronger headlines to engage your readers. via +Social Media Examiner 
Do your headlines capture the attention of the right people? This article shares four ways to craft stronger headlines to engage your readers.
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If you want to grab your readers attention and share your content Check out the below visual!

Top 10 Highly Engaging and Shareable Content Types


#bloggingtips   #contentmarketing   #sem   #digitalmarketing  
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Social Media Marketing

SEO - Search Engine Optimizatioin  - 
How Social Media Impacts SEO!
#seo   #socialmedia  
This is a great post from earlier this year.  Its that no matter what Google says, great content that is socially engaged helps SEO.  In other words, authentic social signal help rankings.
It is no secret that Social Media has become an important part of Search Engine Optimization. All search engines are taking social signals as one of the biggest
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i like this
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Social Marketing 2015 Trends! [Infographic]
#socialmarketing   #sem   #marketing   #digitalmarketing   #socialmedia  
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#socialmedia  trends increase every year and becomes the norm for any #onlinebusiness  . Finally, #socialsites  have struggled a lot to maintain their position as the king of engagement for the successful  #onlinemarketing    and the #onlinebusiness  effectively. Check out the social marketing trends for 2015.
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Copyright for Content and How it Can Affect You In Negative Ways!
#contentmarketing   #copyright   #blogging  
If you find your #content duplicated, you can huff and puff and hire a hitman and whatever you want, if you don’t have #copyright for it. Here's why you should always ask for copyright when buying content. 
Before the internet used to exist, it was easier to store your ideas. You were writing them down on pieces of papers, journals, napkins, book corners and so on. You
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#Facebook: Time Well Wasted
#YouTube: Every One is A Wannabe Expert
#Instagram: No Not Another Selfie
#LinkedIn: OMG, you do what for a Living?
#Twitter: Life the Universe and Everything in 150 characters (42 BTW)
#Pinterest: Actually Something worth looking at for a change <3
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Your Content Audit Just Got So Much Easier - Try This Free, Flexible Template!
#contentmarketing   #seo   #websites  
Allergic to Excel but still want to look at data around your content strategy? Trung Ngo, the Content Engagement Manager at +Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation made this nifty, easy, colorful, powerful content audit template. Check it out!
What content marketers have been waiting for: a content audit tool that evaluates and analyzes your content performance and identifies performance trends.
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Helpful post. It's not just SEO audits anymore.
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Free Digital Marketing Tools for Content Creation! [Infographic]
Pin it:
#digitalmarketing   #socialmedia   #seo   #sem   #marketing   #business   #infographic  
20+ Tools For Content Creation Bloggers Can't Live Without - infographic

Why do you blog? Why does anyone blog? Why has blogging become a parallel to modern journalism, and a platform for people of all walks of life to be heard and represented?

It may be a simple as availability. We write because we can and now, we publish better and faster than ever. Blogging will never end, but keeping content fresh, relevant and have it make an impact needs constant revisiting. Check out these tools available at different free sites to help keep your blogging visible, high quality and what you need it to be. Whether it’s a boost you need with your research, writing style, or design, help is easily accessible.

This service analyzes your text for readability. This tool highlight long complex sentences, passive voices, unnecessary adverbs and other and other elements that complicate your content.

Easy tool to create customized design and photo editing. Also with PicMonkey you can create collages, graphics, etc.

For Plagiarism, Paper Grading and Grammar checking.

Read it all here:

#infographic  courtesy of: +Flora Pang

#bloggingtips   #contentmarketing   #tools  
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