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Will Goldstein
My circles: Close family/friends; Clevelanders; Parents; Other. Where do you fall?
My circles: Close family/friends; Clevelanders; Parents; Other. Where do you fall?

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Movember 2011 is upon us. If you're interested in sacrificing your boyish good looks to raise some money for prostate and testicular cancer research, please consider joining The League of Average Gentlemen. Last year we had a team of 8 gentlemen and raised almost $5,000. Our goal this year is a team of at least 15 men and at least $7,500.

If you'd like to join the team please comment below or email me.

More info at

Wanted: tips for how to get a toddler to turn his damn brain off at bedtime. See also: stop talking, little person. 

I don't do food posts too often, but I made butternut squash and chicken risotto last night and made risotto cakes with the leftovers tonight. The tastiest thing I've made in a long long while. 

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Had a great time picking apples today :)

If all it takes for our dog to relax around the toddler is to let him give her lots of treats, it'll be worth the $65 vet visit just for that no-brainer idea that I somehow didn't come up with. 

I have exactly enough patience for 5 hours of toddler management in the morning and 4 hours of parenting in the afternoon, and not a shred more, as it turns out. My hours have been stretched far beyond that limit for months and cracks are starting to show. 

Things I apparently say a lot now that I have a talking toddler: "That's bananas!" and "Son of a monkey!"

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One of my random library finds of the day. Holy cow. So good.

Bibi Tanga & The Selenites - Swing Swing (Dunya)

I kind of love that the G+ circles give you the responsibility to manage who receives what info from you. No need to have people drink from a firehose of random info that isn't pertinent to them.

A few people find it disconcerting that you don't know what circle(s) people put you in, so I've listed mine in my bio: Close friends/family; Clevelanders; Parents; Other.

I think if folks did this (or something similar) it might make it easier to connect in meaningful ways. What do you think?

I trapped a raccoon last night (was hoping for a groundhog). Got all decked out in leather gloves to avoid being bitten while releasing it. Little bugger didn't even wake up from his nap.
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