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Another item that 99.9% of us will never see in real life.  Thanks Forgotten Weapons! Merry Christmas!
Typical crooked mechanics. One of the younger guys, Patrick, quoted me for a $1000 brake job that I didn't need. Strait up lied right to my f*cking face, while the older mechanics were nodding at him with approval. Thank god I cancelled at the last minute, I just don't know about cars, but all it needed was new brake pads for $25, and gladly paid my friend $50 to install them, and now I know how to do it myself! Then they called me up and said they couldn't locate other customers keys, they thought they returned them to me.... no, I only had 1 key for my car, so since I had my key, there is no way that they gave me the wrong one. They are morons. Do not give your money to these slick-dick mechanics. If I spent my $1000, my car would have died anyways, and I would be completely broke right now. NOT COOL. I shoot robbers. Most of the positive reviews on here were obviously written by the same person.
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