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This week ASUS released an over-the-air (OTA) update for the Transformer Prime. This new release (version will be installed automatically on your device using the software update service. ...
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receiving it at my new Prime at this very moment
sorry, had that one last week already. At this moment is comng the new Android 4v0.
Damn you, transformer, get back in stock (online) at Future Shop!

edit: wow, it worked! Keyboard dock please :)
OK, So I’ve been playing with the transformer prime "TF201" the one that’s been hyped up everywhere on the web… I’ve used the Motorola xoom Heavy but solid! The Galaxy Tab light but no SD or HDMI. The Prime, I won’t go over the spec because if you reading this you already know.
To be succinct! It’s disappointing! Not sure if its ICS but it does not execute my commands quickly, when I click on an object on the screen it takes two seconds to respond! I often have to press twice. Here is a good example; Let’s say you open Google maps and you want to zoom out to city view (NOT the street you’re on) when I pinch to zoom NOTHING happens! So I try again and again then all of a sudden I see the entire planet! What’s up with that! I receive lots of ‘Not responding do you want to wait?” then the app just crashes (yes I did the updated and even reformatted twice!), Loading websites is as fast as my Tab or slower… the 4 core did nothing!
What I liked the screen is nice and the audio even its one speak sounds good.
if you’re looking for a tablet buy the Galaxy tab… if you have the tab keep it or buy the new Xoom… Over all I would give it a wait/ don’t buy.. I’m not sure if its ICS. I’ll put some videos up
Honeycomb or ICS? For Honeycomb you need the latest update to Build 8.33, after that my Prime flew and was smooth like butter. ICS (4.0.3) is even better.
I returned and for another at Bestbuy... and it works GREAT!! i love it...
Mine arrives today - hope it's bug-free... I think it's the 2nd run; the same ones as UK folks are getting, which is reportedly working well. I read that there's a GPS/WiFi soft fix; does it work? It doesn't really matter much to me to be honest, as long as I get a couple of rooms' worth of range out of the wifi (I don't expect to use GPS at all).
Mine with ICS works fine. Position indication is more accurate then with Apple devices (iPhone4 and iPad2). But sometimes inside the home you get the message that it has problems detecting GPS signals. We should remember that GPS was not designed or intended for indoor use anyway. Hope you will enjoy yr TF-Prime as much as I do.
You enjoy it... I have mine connected to my TV with HDMI and a Bluetooth mouse... it great (my fist one was defective) I'm also coming from the Zoom
my TF201 is constantly freezing and crashing and i have only had it for 3 days. i have noticed that alot of other people are having the same issues with it rebooting all the time... are you aware of these problems? is there anything in the works for a fix?

the xda developers' forums are the best I've found so far - very helpful. (Knock on wood) the only issue I've had so far is the ICS update doesn't show up, and the download links on the Asus website don't work.

Good luck! Sorry to hear you're having trouble.
+shannon warren Not frequently. Flash seems to have a problem, freezing when switching to full screen or playing multiple clips in sequence. Apart from non existant GPS (antenna seems to have no contact to the board) I'm happy with my Prime.
I managed to download the update zip file, but i can't get it to apply... does anyone know what to do? I have it in /sdcard/ already; restarted - nothing. Thanks!
As I recall it you have to unzip it first. In there is another zip file which goes into the root directory of your micro sd card. After this the update should be recognized.
Updating now! The problem was my confusion - the root dir on the prime is called "sdcard" for whatever reason; I moved the file to an external SD and it picked it up right away. forehead slap - Android noob :)
+Chad W Darroch Exactly: It has to be an external SD card, preferable the micro SD.

Am I right you're still on Honeycomb on your Prime? Because the update this thread is all about is only for Honeycomb.

It's a good one though since it speeds up almost everything and lets the Prime fly with HC as it should have been in the first place.

Anyway I recommend updating to ICS for this is the real deal with the Prime.
+Jürgen Wahlmann dont get me wrong i absolutely love my prime, but it seems to freeze and crash/reboot while just doing simple things like watching Netflix or something to that effect. i have seen across the web that people are having similar problems with it rebooting. now in saying that i have not done anything with the prime since this update so i am interested to see if it fixed my problem.
I fear the GPS in my Prime isn't connected to an antenna at all. Never got a single Satellite spotted. Other than that, everything is fine.
I just updated as well - haven't had any real problems yet, but dolphin browser sure does crash a lot now. Things run a little bit quicker... I'm worried I might end up with a big headache, though, because many online reviews have been totally negative.

Oh - and I "started" with .11, no other updates appeared until this .14.

So far, other than really weak wifi, which isn't much of an issue for me, I'm pretty happy so far with my (rooted) Prime. It's my first Android experience and all I miis is a fully-functional office suite, which is in development ( I'm helping beta test for SoftMaker).
And anothr one again (3rd) Lastnight 24th feb. 2012. This last one 'feels' even better.
Polaris Office is buggy.... did lose my complete text because the bulleted list function crashed the app. I'd rather go for Color Note for simple text editing, for this is more reliable.
Prime does not like stylus? I have tried just about every handwriting up on the marker and all major stylus tech including Adonit. None is usable. Is there something about the touchscreen driver software that can be changed to be more responsive? I am just about giving up.
I use Super note with hand-/fingerwriting because, indeed, my touch pencil doesn't work. It does not move fluently and the results are only pieces of lines.
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