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Several recent reports have indicated that Asus will delay the Transformer Prime release until next year, citing Wi-Fi issues as the reason. Apparently NCIX sent an email to customers who had pre-...
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Pre-ordered from Best buy and just checked my account at 12:15am on 12/14/2011.
Order Status: 1 item(s) preordered, release date is 12/18/11
I can't preorder on best buy. it just says "coming soon."
CDW says they don't have any availability expected until Jan or Feb.
I have a sales rep which I have known for a long time. She told me the same yesterday but also said they had no official word yet of the order canceled.
I just know i'm itching to buy one. i've been checking Amazon every day to see if preorder is up yet. i'm hoping to get one next week but we shall see.
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