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Theodore Georgiou
PhD Candidate and Researcher in Computer Science, UCSB
PhD Candidate and Researcher in Computer Science, UCSB

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The Star Wars Imperial March played on floppy drives!!!!

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Winterfell weather forecast!

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Last one (redtube) is awesome! :P
If Internet Existed Years Ago (8)
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This is just ...unfortunate. Microsoft's video for Gmail-man and promo for Office 365

Just started the third book of "A Song of Ice and Fire" (also known as Game of Thrones): A Storm of Swords! :-)

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Things I want to see on Google+:
1) Batch move between circles (e.g. create a new circle with all the users from two existing circles).
2) Customize which circles to show on your stream (or view of multiple cicles instead of just one, which is currently supported).
3) Better people search (I can't find someone if I slightly misspell his/her name).
4) Events. Probably with Google Calendar integration (I suspect they are already working on that).

Good thing with Google+ is that circle relationships are not mutual, unlike Facebook's friendships and alike Twitter's following. :-)

Should I root my HTC Desire? *-) Internal memory is not enough...
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