So I've been working on a HOLO theme in HTML5/CSS3.

Why? Phonegap. It's a nice little tool that lets you write HTML/JS apps and deploy them on mobile phones such as Android devices, iThings and Windows Phone (IIRC). The tools is very nice if you're working on a small project that dosen't need much low-level hardware interaction (though I've got the camera working just fine) but might not be the right tool for bigger projects.

Anyway, after reviewing two attempts at recreating HOLO, that is:

turns out that none of them are feature complete, so I've decided to try and do it from grounds up myself. 

I try to stick to the dimensions supplied in UI kit for Android, but sadly there is no support for dp as units (yet?) so I'm going with pixel. So far it looks quite good. Do keep in mind  that it's still a WIP and things might not work / look as expected.

Also, I'm only testing in Webkit as the theme is intended for Phonegap on Android, and that way it will always use Webkit engine. It fails HARD on IE and kind-of works on other browsers ;)

You can check how it looks at the moment right here:
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