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Ghada Vanderpool
Form New Zealand to New York - BAM!
Form New Zealand to New York - BAM!
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I've seen the let it snow on google, but here are a few more fun interactive snowing online apps. Enjoy!
Hands up who's tried the let it snow Google search? Love it!! So much fun -- let the snow (fog/condensation) build up on the SERP, then use your cursor to draw or wipe away bits of snow like a windshield. Or click "Defrost" to start afresh.

Also, check this out with Google maps integration: - type in any address and watch it snow on someone's house! ;)

Okay, one more fun interactive snow tool! Make a paper snowflake:

hehee, living in San Diego, we don't ever see snow.... but I grew up in Canada (BC) and Scotland so have sure seen my fair share of snow!! :)

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