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i make stuff.
i make stuff.

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Spectral Hues
oh hello. Happy New Year. [it's still January. i can still say this, right?] i have been meaning to post here. about a trip to JAPAN ! about art i have seen... you know i have been full of good intentions, but short on actual follow through. the thing is th...

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Mata Sen opens at Walter Maciel Gallery
hello hello friends. this morning i start installing at walter maciel gallery .  another round of 1000. mata sen. [mata means again in japanese] there will be 2 larger scale works and a bunch of smaller drawings/works on paper [hand worked prints from my re...

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sometimes i think that one of the most interesting parts of an artist's practice is the part that you don't see. or if you are lucky during a studio visit you get a glimpse. it's the research, the rejects, the tests, the random strips of paper with scribble...

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CHROMA at Rare Device
it started much as the last one. but we couldn't take over the floor since this is a RETAIL space and people um, need to shop. but it was easier to layout the 2nd time around this time we worked in horizontal rows instead of vertical.  this time we worked b...

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a REAL vacation
when it's a milestone birthday for your dad and you ask your 7 year old where they would like to on vacation to celebrate.... you end up in HAWAII. Oahu to be exact. the first absolute NO WORK vacation I've taken in I don't know how long. it was a wonderful...

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a month \\ stitch sampler class
a whole month has gone by. how can that be ?? it was filled with the end of the semester crunch. the end of semester grading crunch. and now i'm in the throws of organizing the studio for the summer of madness... or more like the summer of getting ready for...

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if you know me... you know i am a FAN of a daily art practice. [some of the one's i've done? look up and down  , day-to-day - where i drew things left around on a table/desk every day, or the one that started it all - drawing a day - where i drew with a thr...

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chroma doilies - redeux
so remember chroma ? and a small doily installation i made for that show? well, walter maciel gallery has a booth at artmarket [FRIDAY + THIS WEEKEND - are you going?] and there was room for me to install it in their booth. of course i decided it had to be ...

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kelly inouye at in*ter*face gallery
i had the pleasure of viewing kelly inouye's recent show at in•ter•face gallery last week.  kelly's recent watercolor work is all about the television sitcoms she grew up watching as a kid. if you are of a certain age [and i am], many of her depictions imme...

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the morning i ran through the broad
the other weekend i was down in LA to celebrate the TEN YEAR anniversary of my dear friend and gallerist Walter Maciel. it was a very fun evening, great art, great food, funny toasts. i was only there for one night and had a few hours to kill before my flig...
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