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Stephanie Harris
Navigating life through rose colored glass despite loss, micro preemie beginnings and autism
Navigating life through rose colored glass despite loss, micro preemie beginnings and autism


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It's Autism Awareness Month
It's Autism Awareness Month and I'd like to share a very special song and video done by a dear friend.  She wrote this for her son Levi and was gracious to include all of us special needs friends photos. Please take a listen and share share share. #autismaw...

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Bs Follow up w/Pediatrician
Bs follow up visit at his Pediatrician this morning. It went very well. B looks good and sounds good she said. We also weighed him and guess what?  He was 47 pounds. She let us know that visit before last B was 53 pounds and so he has lost weight prior to b...

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I know a lot of you think I am a rock in a wind storm.  I must say I have my moments of defeat.  This hospital stay was one both Stephen and I anticipated.  It was just a matter of time.  We have been through so many hurdles and struggles that all last week...

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We are home
For those that don't know. We were able to go home yesterday afternoon. Braden is doing well this morning and had a good night. We are both tired and taking it easy today. But we are so happy to be home.  Braden has his stability back.  He fell asleep early...

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Braden update Monday
Braden had a good night and finally got off his oxygen.  He he doing well.  He ate all of his bacon and cheese omelet this morning. He is drinking much better this morning and his color looks good. They will observe him till after lunch and if all goes well...

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Braden Monday update
My apologies for the delay this morning.  Braden moved to the regular floor on 1 liter oxygen yesterday and had a great night.  He is eating and moving around more. However, he is still unable to maintain above 92 without oxygen.  He is on less than a liter...

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Braden Sunday update
Braden did great last night. We finally think he has turned the corner. He was more himself yesterday. He willingly sat up for long periods of time in bed and he even ate some applesauce.  Hoping by late afternoon evening he will be doing well enough to get...

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Braden update Saturday
Well B couldn't stay on just oxygen last night. I'm sure we wore him out with the activity yesterday and he needs to build up additional strength to get past this step and move forward. He is on Cpap this morning and doing fine. We haven't seen the Drs yet ...

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Braden Friday update
Yesterday went really well. B got on Cpap and then just oxygen support at 50% and did great all last night. They were going to try to move us to a transition room which is a new thing but unfortunately they couldn't get the person who approves it at that ev...

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Braden update Thursday
Braden had a good night. No changes and until they can figure out how to get him off Bipap without nose nairs we are stuck with the big mask. His IV stopped working so early morning wasn't fun for him. But he is all fixed up with a new one and resting again...
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