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Punk gets punked.

The way I see it there are city people and suburbs people. In nearly 40 years I've never not lived in a city - born and raised. But unlike other city folk, I don't judge the suburban lifestyle. In fact sometimes it seems downright civilized, but I'll personally never take that route. What I do judge are two things: (1) city people whose spouses force them to the suburbs and (2) suburban people who moan about how dirty and crowded the city is.

I have absolutely no reason for writing this, other than it popping into my head.

Thank you and goodnight.

Another Lollapalooza down. Eminem was the clear winner. Though Nas + Damian Marley were pretty good. Great festival. The city of Chicago pulls it off so well, and you simply can't beat the backdrop of our skyline.

Struggling with this: Is it more cliche to not like Coldplay or to like Coldplay because it's cliche not to? Thoughts?

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Saw this via +David Armano on Facebook, but thought it relevant to share here. Good perspective.

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Good stuff
Movies vs. Films as told through snarky film festival posters. I also enjoyed the one further down the page on fixing the office printer. :-)

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+Ana Andjelic with a great post on a post-resume world. The lesson I took from this is not that we should all go out and copy Ana's idea, but rather that we need to take control over how we present ourselves to the world.

Hit me - who are the best tech bloggers with a lifestyle focus, based in Chicago?

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What Alan said. It's like he's reading my mind, which is probably a good thing because I am sometimes to lazy to read my own mind.
Repeating the Mistakes of the Past

A few reflections on Month One of GooglePlus

• It took Facebook years to even become a blip on MySpace's radar, but too many already seem to want instant results- from G+, as if 100 million people should have already dropped one for the other.

• The exclusivity behind the initial launch was genius, especially for the tech/media crowd it was aimed at. Not only did it factor in connectedness, but also gave them a new hip club to hang at, now that the whole B&T crowd had overtaken Facebook and high school buddies didn't care about the latest release from Zynga

•Like Twitter circa 2007, it's easy to forget there are people on who do have live outside of work. Though every time I see a kid or pet photo or restaurant tip, they seemed to go unnoticed, while a new Chrome extension... Wow

•Speaking of Chrome, if you weren't using it before, you probably are now. Big winner from the G+ buzz

•The twittererti don't seem to get why they're still having the same issues now that they've become Pluserati, e.g., the inability to have conversations, the inability to manage their streams, the inability to take a 15 minute break between public posts, etc.

•They are still trying to sound surprised they have so many followers, with classic posts asking people why they were following them, as if the fans were a rowdy bunch of teenagers who kept asking for autographs while the author was trying to eat a quiet dinner.

• Its fascinating to watch the platform
develop as users settle in. Sort of like a prairie town or new suburban subdivision (The Willows at GooglePlus), they're developing their own unwritten laws about use, etiquette, and interactions.

•Google seems to be listening, or at least they say they are, which is worlds away from the paternalistic tone of the other platform.

• The spammers found their way on pretty quickly and before long there will be sites promising to add thousands of people to your circles everyday "

• And once that happens, make way for Justin Bieber

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