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James Duffield
24. English. Graphic & Digital Media Designer.
24. English. Graphic & Digital Media Designer.

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Don't stop dreaming.

I just spent a little time reading back through my newsfeed/timeline/what ever we call it here. It makes me really want to use this more often. Some really great conversation has been started by posting on here in the past. I like that.

Here's a question for you...

Is there an app or quick way to post a status update/share/image to facebook, twitter and google+ at the same time?

(or even 2 of the 3?)

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If you're like me and think this man should have a job as an illustrator/animator SHARE this status...

Not only is he a nice guy and knows how to draw a sexy picture, he also makes a mean spaghetti bolognese.

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I really like this new (beta) version of YouTube
There are some bugs with user avatars, but the new homepage layout with Google+ and Facebook intergration looks great. Also quick access to my subscription list will be very useful... Here's how to preview it...

Here is a quick and simple way to use the new YouTube Layout!

This only currently works on FireFox and Chrome (Possibly also Opera)
First, head on over to
Then open up the browser developer tools, this is done like this:
In Firefox: Ctrl + Shift + K (Win) | Cmd + Shift + K (Mac)
In Chrome: Ctrl + Shift + J (Win) | or Cmd + Alt + J (Mac)
Copy the following line of code:
Paste that into the console and hit enter.Refresh the YouTube page, and you are done!

Welcome to the new YouTube!

Don't like it? Try clearing your cache/cookies.
If that does not work, follow all the steps above, but change the code with the following.

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I uploaded a new video to the YouTubez!

...In which +Marc Williams, +Michael Whitehouse, Lee Robinson, +Ross Eccleston and I sit down for some ChatRoulette/Omegle fun-times and end up seeing real-life YouPorn, Making moody Americans smile and joining a Northern Irish cult. (Along with a hell of a lot of penis but we try to forget those bits...)

If this vid made you smile/laugh let us know by giving it a like on the YouTube page here - Joining a Cult on ChatRoulette - TEH LADZ

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What's in your washing basket?
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