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betterplace is looking for Rails developers again - so this may be your chance to make the world a better place:

Official idea after #londonattack: We can prevent it by bringing back the Stasi. Do we want to have that discussion?

Theresa May: "We are too tolerant of extremism". Does anybody even know what this is supposed to mean?

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All affected #BritishAirways passengers can claim EU compensation, btw. Don't let em brush you off #flightrights

It'd be fun to see the postmortem of the #BritishAirways (computer) crash. #operations

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@mozilla, I'm with the quest for https. People to understand what the green lock is for. But it won't happen...

#scrumalliance just mailed me tips for "personal statements" in CVs. My tip about those: Don't. Never saw one remotely interesting. #job

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Offenbar haben unsere Datenschutzbeauftragen wenig Ahnung wie Dinge funktionieren und welche Alternativen es gibt...

Sorry for the recent spamming. Endless loop in the social media ;-) Thanks +Sonja Pieper for noticing ;-)
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