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.... today is going to be one of those long work days when I don't leave the office til 2am..... project deadlines are very real! 

I can see my future and she's smiling at me! Time to grind it out! #engineeringflow

Just getting back from a job site..... I'm soaked! This rain is not playing games!

Talked with my Pops... got to love that man! Made my day! I feel rejuvenated! Back on my engineering grind!

Getting back to the work grind was kind of difficult, especially after the great weekend I had in San Antonio.... time to get home, clean up and get some more work done! The grind never ends!

So I am literally functioning off of no sleep..... super sluggish today. Looking forward to seeing my fiancee tonight. #Texasbound

Just left the office. Yea, it's some crazy hours I just worked but I love what I do! #electricaldesignengineer

Falcons are 6-0 this season. It's an amazing start but I still need to see solid playoff action from them. Nonetheless, RISE UP!!!

Time to get to work.... grind mode, on!

I woke up today... that in itself is a blessing. Time to make the most out of it.
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