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Jade // 7 months old photos that didn't quite make the cut
it's those moments of wanting the baby to sit still but it's just never gonna happen! Expected photos versus the reality photos. But I'm glad some turned out pretty well and they are just too cute to just keep them to here I am, a proud mummy sh...

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Jade // 7 months and counting

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Staycation at Marina Bay Sands - Swimming pool
Jade's first dip in Marina Bay Sands Swimming pool. As always, this infinity edge pool is swarmed with visitors and guests. The view here is awesome and everyone here just wants a picture of themselves against the beautiful city skyline of Singapore. The la...

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Staycation at Marina Bay Sands
Bringing 3 kiddos without the helper for a staycation is no joke! This time round we caught a room that faces out to Gardens by the Bay with a balcony view. At the balcony, there was a small mineral bottle filled with cigarette butts and the whole room stin...

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Jade // Fabric books
i gave all my Lamaze fabric story books away!!! so i have to buy new ones for Jade... But it's all for a good cause. Really love Lamaze toys and their fabric books for their colours, textures and sounds. Keeps Jade occupied for quite awhile.

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Jade // Rompers
shopping online when I'm stuck at home with a baby! the joys of shopping. no one can stop me.

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Mothercare Sale
did i mention that Mothercare was having a sale? Oh right i did.... i bought Jade new bottles from NUK together with teats for 6-18 months, feeding spoons because the doctor says that we can start Jade on solids now...and a bowl that can compress flat (make...

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Jade // Baby clothes from Seed Heritage
Weekend we went Vivocity and Seed was having a sale. I've always like their baby stuff but I find them a way bit pricey. And you know how babies tend to overgrow their clothes at such a fast rate, so I always thought it didn't make much sense to overly spen...

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Jade // Foxy Romper
 Jade doing her stretches. Love her baby fats.

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Jade // Flashcards + Playing with her brothers
James the toddler brought back a tin of flashcards on animals. He said it was a birthday present from one of his classmates. Naturally he was very eager to share his new "toy" with the rest of his siblings. I was showing Jade the different animals and the s...
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