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Securing Your Journey to the Cloud
Securing Your Journey to the Cloud


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V3 Technology Awards 2014
We've been shortlisted for three awards - cast your vote and help us win the V3 awards this year!

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Bash Vulnerability (Shellshock) Exploit Emerges in the Wild, Leads to BASHLITE Malware Full article:
Just several hours after the news on the bash vulnerability broke out; it was reportedly being exploited in the wild already.  This vulnerability can allow execution of arbitrary code thus compromising the security of systems. Some of the possible scenarios that attackers can do range from changing the contents of web server and website code, to defacing the website, and even stealing user data from databases among others.
#shellshock #bashbug #bashlite 

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A serious vulnerability has been found in the Bash command shell, which is commonly used by most Linux distributions.
This vulnerability – designated as CVE-2014-7169 - allows an attacker to run commands on an affected system. In short, this allows for remote code execution on servers that run these Linux distributions:

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What happens in Oktoberfest, doesn't stay in Oktoberfest...
Make your Oktoberfest 2014 experience one you'll never forget with these handy tips.

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We may not all be celebrities but we all have information that we would rather keep secure. This video offers great tips for protecting yourself online:

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Compromised Facebook accounts are being used in new ways to make sure that Spam reaches its intended audience.

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Customers need to know not just how a security solution works, but also how well it works. When put through the rigors of real-world testing, Trend Micro's products regularly outperform its competitors'.

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Public and private groups respond to cyber attacks
Industries react to threats and attacks seen in 2Q 2014
See how the tables were turned »

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Operation Emmental
How attackers override online banking security mechanisms. Download research report here:

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Cybercrime Exposed: How to Spot a Phishing Scam
One click on a false news link is all you need to do to have your personal information stolen!
Watch video:
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