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German Air Force in training for Iran strike

Germany has put its Air Force F-16 and Tornado warplanes in intensive training for a possible attack on targets in Iran, after taking part last week in a joint drill with the Israeli Air Force and other NATO members at the Italian Decimomannu air base on Sardinia.
Iran, for its part, is gearing up for a gloves-off reprisal against its attackers. DEBKA-Net-Weekly's coming issue out Friday has exclusive details on this menacing military buildup.
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After IAEA report, Israel says military option can wait for sanctions

The IAEA circulated its Iran report Tuesday night, Nov. 8. it establishes that Iran is clearly working on developing atomic weapons: Its clandestine computer-simulated and practical tests on nuclear detonators, uranium enrichment at hidden sites and tests for adapting nuclear warheads to missiles have no explanation other than work on nuclear weapon components. Israel may decide to delay its military option to give sanctions a chance - even though Washington has dropped them.

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Obama flips on new sanctions, leaves Israel, Saudis head to head with Iran

US President Barack Obama is backing away from crippling sanctions on Iran's central bank and an embargo on its oil trade. This happened shortly before the International Atomic Energy Agency was due to confirm Tuesday or Wednesday, Nov. 8-9, that Iran's clandestine military nuclear program had reached the point of no-return, and after Israel intelligence experts found that only a decision in Tehran separated Iran from the ability to build a weapon. Defense minister Ehud Barak said Israel would react "responsibly."

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How the US and Israel let Iran get a nuclear arms capablity

New revelations from US intelligence sources confirm day by day that Iran has attained a nuclear weapon capability: Implosion experiments at Parchin were uncovered Sunday; its six-year old ability to build detonators for triggering a nuclear chain reaction, reported Monday. Stuxnet which invaded Natanz in June 2010 delayed but did not derail Iran's forward march towards a weapon. The US president and Israeli prime minister vowed never to let Iran attain a nuclear capability. So what are they going to do now?
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