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Ghost Tours of Niagara at Fort George
Real History, Real Stories, Real Ghosts
Real History, Real Stories, Real Ghosts


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2017 Summer Tour Dates

The 2016 Ghost Tour season has finished. We will update once 2017 season dates are set.

Summer Season tours are now over.
Halloween Tickets are now on sale
(Fri, Sat, Sun from Oct 14-Oct 30 + Oct 31)
Call 905-468-6621 for tickets.

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2016 Ghost Tour Dates

The Ghost Tours are now closed for the season. We will start up again in May of 2016!

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Halloween Ghost Tours
Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays through the remainder of October
Multiple tour times per night
Call 905-468-6621 for tickets
Here is a map to help you find us:

September Tours begin at 7:30pm on Sundays. Halloween Tours are now into the 'selling like hotcakes' phase.

Halloween Tickets are now on sale. Call 905-468-6621 to book!

July 2 tour - White figures on bulk beds in barracks, noises upstairs in tunnel (perhaps explained by US fireworks). I have forgotten what Heather said happened on her tour. If you want to say anything about tween birthday groups....they do scream enthusiastically when startled! Thanks to the gentleman who shared his experiences from Exhibition Place.

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May 17 Tour - pungent apple smell reported by some on in front of OQ. On second tour noises were reported in the tunnel, and a small white figure was seen running from the palisade to the back of the Officer's Quarters while the group was in front of the building.
Three deer were hanging out in the parking lot at the end of the night.
Does anybody know what angry groundhogs sound like? There were some seriously odd noises in the Fort during lockup.
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