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Alicia Holston
Plays with books and pictures. Photography, library, tech and geek circle friendly. :)
Plays with books and pictures. Photography, library, tech and geek circle friendly. :)

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It's banned book week!

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We had a visitor, a first timer to the Open Stage, and this is what he found there. 
"We reached the rather nondescript building on the side of a strip mall where a few odd characters milling about the front. Corsets and funny hats have always been the mark of the eccentric performer, but nothing could properly prepare me for the absolute madness that waited behind the dangling curtains that separated the real world from the wacky sideshow world of The Open Stage."

Jonesing for some HDR time soon.

I keep saying it's been a while, and it has. I have recently made the move from one of the still photographers to the videographer for the Open Stage and am purchasing equipment. What a fun way to spend my Thanksgiving/pre-birthday weekend! Now to find a fluid tripod head that works with the Canon XA10...

I'm finally getting to process photos from a recent excursion to a state park in Texas. Happy happy happy! I'll post them soon.

I'm assuming the "you were tagged in a photo" that isn't of me is some sort of spam? I've seen it twice now, once for me, once for someone else. It just strikes me as odd. Anyone else had experience with this?

I am so inspired by the photographers here and have been struggling with the balance between viewing life through the viewfinder and experiencing life. On a recent hike at a state park I took some photos but found myself putting the big DSLR down and capturing moments with my iPhone instead. With Apple's continued evolution in photo tech on their phones, do you find yourself doing more with your phone camera or sticking solely to your DSLR?

Sometimes I find my activities lift me up and make me feel more capable. Other times I feel less capable. When I analyze this, I believe it is my perception of how people respond to me more than their reactions that guide this feeling. The trick is to maintain a stable sense of self and not be buffeted by other people's statements to me. Often it's my own baggage getting in the way of a clear interpretation of their intent. Someone could be checking on me to see how I'm doing and I mistakenly take it as a lack of trust in my abilities. As someone recently pointed out to me, baggage is often wrong; give people the benefit of the doubt.

Difficult to do, but a worthy goal.

I was just reading a post on someone having a freed up calendar (what's that?) and I thought wouldn't it be neat to be able to sell free time to people. "Here, here's a bit of free time to add to your busy day." I bet that would sell like hot cakes. Better than hotcakes. When is the last time you bought some hotcakes?

I seriously need to carve out some of that free time for myself. I actually miss getting online and connecting with friends and other professionals. :)

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I finished Monday night's processing, you can see some of them at later in the weekend. Now to finish wedding photos and concert photos for people and I will have a little free time to myself to come see what all of you have been up to!
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