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Version 3.1of Euro Train Simulator has been uploaded to beta. It contains a lot of bug fixes. Do play and let us know if you find any issues.

Has anyone been facing any issues with Euro Train Sim? Please list them here. I am working on a small update and I'll fix them.

November Update v1.4 is now in beta.

1. Career Upgraded with Reward System
2. WCAM-3
3. Redesigned Route Selection
4. Secondary Server option in Store
5. Ratlam Asset Reloading issue fixed
6. Local Push Notification
7. Other minor fixes

New Euro beta update in a few hours

(this update will erase your downloaded assets)

- Improved cabs on a few trains
- Tier 2 Double Decker train issue fixed
- Performance optimization
- Spain route improvement in terms of quality
- Improvements in German route as well

Version 1.3.1 of Indian Train Simulator is now available for everyone. Update should be visible on Play Store in few minutes.

Note for beta users (who installed v1.3): after updating to the latest version, please delete and download the following, as we've made some changes to these two assets.

1. Ratlam - Mathura route
2. Double Decker coach

Guys, no issues in Euro 3.0.2 right? Need confirmation. I haven't noticed any issues when I tested.

Uploaded 3.0.2 to beta.

a) Unresponsive Controls issue - solved
b) Missing Track in Route 2 - no change done (works fine for me)
c) In-app Restore not working properly - unresolved (same, no changes)

- few other tiny fixes here and there.

I have no idea why it's not working for you, Miles. If some other users report the same issue, I'll take a look again. Otherwise, this will be published as production version.

Following are the issues that people have noticed so far in 3.0.1

1. Controls go unresponsive as train reaches the last station.
2. Tracks missing in Munich - Augsburg.
3. In-app purchases are still not being restored.

Other smaller issues that will not prevent you from playing the game:
(excuse these issues. priority is to release the game to general public first. I don't think they'd mind these minor issues. )

1. Signals are placed on the tracks.
2. Passengers are walking on tracks.

Euro 3.0.1 beta is out now. I have mostly cleared all the known issues and some more that I noticed myself. Let us know if you find any issues. Thank you.

I've been working on all the issues that were mentioned in the Euro 3.0 beta. I will be uploading another beta in a few hours.
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