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The average U.S. aircraft carrier is designed to last 20-25 years without refueling. Most carriers run on 2 nuclear power plants. A Nimitz class CVN uses approximately the weight of a paper clip worth of Uranium 235 every day.

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Ron Thompson

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Such bullshit
Comcast wants to own the internet — or, at least, the cables that carry it to most Americans’ homes. Yesterday, the company laid out its arguments for acquiring Time Warner Cable in a filing...
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Ron Thompson

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Happy 63rd Birthday to Peter Davidson.....wish you many more.
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Ron Thompson

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Considering that she's stupid enough to hold the weapon with her finger in the trigger guard like that, I'd wager that she can't shoot for shit......but she's still hot as hell. Pity
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Ron Thompson

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White people, remember...

If you can't taste the diabetes then you're fucking that shit up!
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Ron Thompson

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#heartbleedbug  , watched this infograph on venturebeat
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Ron Thompson

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As seen on #Cosmos: Our Sun

On August 31, 2012 a long filament of solar material that had been hovering in the sun's atmosphere, the corona, erupted out into space at 4:36 p.m. EDT. The coronal mass ejection, or CME, traveled at over 900 miles per second. The CME did not travel directly toward Earth, but did connect with Earth's magnetic environment, or magnetosphere, causing aurora to appear on the night of Monday, September 3.

The image above includes an image of Earth to show the size of the CME compared to the size of Earth.

#sun #solar #solarsystem #sdo #nasa #space

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Ron Thompson

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We're happy to announce that from April 13 to 19, capsuleers will have the opportunity to participate in the Caldari Navy Manhunt.
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Ron Thompson

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It's this not just a great bedroom and bed?!
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Ron Thompson

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Fuck the cops and the feds UP! You could tie the bastards to their own vehicles and send them dragging down the road.....with their dogs and the tazers wedged firmly up their asses. 
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+J E Scott Guess that makes me the enemy then. Only good cop or fed, it's a dead one. Why don't you shut me up, bitch! Probably another fucking fascist, twat cop.
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Mors tua vita mea
Just playing with my social media.....I was told I'd go blind if I kept it up though
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