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Yay, for Valentine's Day....the story of an abusive relationship that has NOTHING to do with real BDSM community. I find it surprising that any woman would be stupid enough to buy into the book, much less make it a best seller and long to see the movie.

If you're female and swoon over this bullshit, you're telling me "Hey, I'm an easy bitch to manipulate and I'd love to be in an abusive relationship....come fuck me over". Same as the dumbasses who though Twilight was a "great love sorry"tends....give me a fucking break!

Fifty Shades of Grey Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Jamie Dornan, Dakota J...:

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Use Strychnine, BIG's more fun to watch that way.


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Fuck the Muslims, and their bullshit sensibilities. Christians are bad enough, Scientologists are delusional as fuck, but Muslims are the psychopaths of useless fucking religions around the world.

And don't bother whining to me if you're Muslim and insulted......good, and I don't give a fuck! 

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You don't make a fortune on it, but it gives me enough to rent the occasional movie, but an app, an ebook, etc. Hey, the take a minute of time and it's money for apps that you didn't have before that.

Earn Google Play credit by answering short surveys. Download Google Opinion Rewards now:

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I love all your magicians and singers, but I wait with baited breath for each new song with Morgan James. First time I heard her, I was intoxicated by that soulful voice of hers. Hearing her with Postmodern Jukebox is what caused me to go out and get her album "Hunter", which has that FANTASTIC cover of Prince's "Call My Name". However, all of your music had me singing your praises and telling people about Postmodern Jukebox. Puddles even follows me on cool is that? LOL

Ron Thompson

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Well, at least reading the comments of the article let you know exactly where the fucking nut cases are.....They should all bed kicked in Disneyland and kept there. Tell them "vaccine, or ya can't come out!".

And, IMHO, the anti-vaxxers and homeopathic twats are the BIGGEST fucktards in the country that "try"to act normal.

AND IT'S NOT FUCKING ANTI-SOCIAL! I'm fucking documented borderline sociopath and HUGELY anti-social, but myself and family are all vaccinated. What those people are is much more simplistic....they're fucking brain dead morons.

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When I was Christian and asked questions, I was either told never to question, just believe. So I went looking for answers myself, in history and the Bible. That's when I figured out it was all bullshit and stopped believing in pretty gods.....which is exactly why NONE of them want you asking questions.

Ron Thompson

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If This is a Woman: Inside Ravensbrück: Hitler's Concentration Camp For Women by Sarah Helm, book review: Survivors tell chilling story

Sounds like a book I'd like to read. I like non-fiction, historical and autobiographical novels the best. Rarely I'll read a fictional book, usually horror/thriller out sci-fi
The title a play on Primo Levi's 1947 account of his time at Auschwitz, this is a compelling book about Ravensbrück, which incarcerated around 130,...
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