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Flore Allemandou
WoMoz leader, mozillian, mozilla rep, webmaker mentor, MozFr member. Amateur photograph, medieval history geek, celt. I sailed and volunteered for 5 years at Glénans.
WoMoz leader, mozillian, mozilla rep, webmaker mentor, MozFr member. Amateur photograph, medieval history geek, celt. I sailed and volunteered for 5 years at Glénans.

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This dehaze function in Lightroom works quite well! Tried it on a Golden Gate photo (well, easily my mistiest photos).
Quite impressive, even if 100 was quite exaggerated. Lightroom found details that I thought were not captured by the camera.
+Martin Creutziger , thanks for the tip!
Golden Gate
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My events backpack

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Let's vote for an awesome #womoz: +Netha Hussain 

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Really great #womoz video by +Maliha Momtaz Islam  featuring womoz in Bangladesh using #webmaker tools to create a lot of things!

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Do you feel odd using a computer in the mozilla Paris office? It's a historical monument from 18th century... Totally anachronic :)
This hotel is kind of nuts. #tedxlinz - I feel odd using a computer here.
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Tous à la braderie !!!
Les 6 et 7 septembre (ce week-end), place du Vieux Marché aux Chevaux, des bénévoles de Mozilla FR et Mozilla Belgium seront à la Braderie de Lille pour vous présenter #FirefoxOS en français, néerlandais, anglais. N'hésitez pas à passer et à amener votre famille, vos amis… #FirefoxOSfr

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Whoah! They're awesome scientists!
The team of four Materials Science & Engineering majors have developed a nail polish that changes color when exposed to date rape drugs, including GHB, Rohypnol, and Xanax. The wearer can stir her drink with a finger. If her drink has been tampered with, she'll know within seconds.

On their Facebook page, they write "With our nail polish, any woman will be empowered to discreetly ensure her safety by simply stirring her drink with her finger. If her nail polish changes color, she’ll know that something is wrong."

Team member Ankesh Madan discussed the origins of the company's ideas with Higher Education Works: "Undercover Colors started out as an idea born in my co-founders’ active imaginations," he said. "As we were thinking about big problems in our society, the topic of drug-facilitated sexual assault came up. All of us have been close to someone who has been through the terrible experience, and we began to focus on finding a way to help prevent the crime."

They also "wanted to focus on preventative solutions, especially those that could be integrated into products that women already use. And so the idea of creating a nail polish that detects date rape drugs was born."

Not only does the new product create a major line of defense against assault -- which 1 in women will experience in their lifetimes -- but the detectors like the polish can also protect against health reactions the drugs can cause. According to The Office On Womens Health, these drugs, when mixed with alcohol, can kill you. GHB, for example, has been shown by the University of Oxford to slow the elimination of alcohol. This can cause respiratory depression and death.
"Our goal is to invent technologies that empower women to protect themselves from this heinous and quietly pervasive crime," the founders say.

Undercover Colors Facebook page:

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It's so true...
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