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The New Music Exchange

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"if you ain't online, you're wasting your time!"
Hello my name is Maurice Louis Gibbs and  I'm the CEO of a web site called New Music Exchange. (an indie music social network)

  There have been many music services online and there will be more music services online in the future so what sets New Music Exchange apart from the others? Simple, we cater to three specific clients.

 Music industry executives, independent artists and music fans.

   What we offer everyone is tailored to their specific needs. 

   Independent artists post their music, personnel information and their band schedule and get back simple straight-foward and direct feedback from music fans so they know where to tour and where to market themselves and well as feedback from the music industry at large.

   New Music Exchange is not just a music web site it's an online music community that with the proper advertising and marketing will be an industry standard that will make an impressive profit through online advertising sales.

this is how currently look -

but after a time when we crashed (we got 2.5 million hits in 3 months) we've been upgrading -

this the radio site -

and the social site (currently a work in progress) - 

im looking for content (writers, photographers, artists, bloggers, video shows , etc) from independent artists.

if you hvae more questions then you can write me at -

1-718-840-8040 (cel) to find out more about this new indie online community.

thank you.

Maurice L.Gibbs


What's new with NMX ?

We have some old features and some new features on the new music  
exchange web site that you may remember and some things that are just
brand new like -

1) MAGAZINE - Read our article on indie music and advice for artists
and if you think you have articles to submit then send them to

2) TWITTER - Read tweets and if you're and artists you can write
tweets (new)

3) NMX CLASSIFIED - Need studio time? Instruments? Band mates? a job?  
...then post ads , read ads and reach out to different indies from around the world.

4) NMX BLOG - Sometimes Twitter can't replace good old fashion
blogging. Keep a tour dairy online for fans to read and answer back to
(almost like instant fan mail).

5) Photos - pictures of you and your group.

6) VIDEOS/BAND FOOTAGE/PROGRAMS -This type of media will not only be
linked to your page but will also be linked to our social network so it
be shown to our members on our social netork (so there's no way to
avoid you)

7) PRESS - this is a section that organizes press clippings (and
reviews) (new)

8) WORLD PREMIERE - this section is like a mini survey for artists to
get quick reedback on a song (new)

9) BAND SCHEDULES/SHOWS/CONCERTS - this section organizes shows and
concerts and informs fans when and where they'll be

10) NMX MAIL - (office use only) - we let fans know what time shows
and live concerts start through our personnell alert system

11) NMX SLOT SYSTEM - This is a system to help the industry narrow
their search for indie artists (NEW)

12) NMX DEMOGRAPHIC/STAT SYSTEM - This system is in place to help
indie artists know their true value and earning potential

13) NMX MASSIVE SEARCH SYSTEM -  This a more thorough why to search our
database to get the most from the information in our system.

14) PERSONAL INFORMATION - all the info the industry will need to
contact you.

15) NMX SOCIAL (COMING SOON!) -  just like facebook but with a listing of video shows
from indie artists

16) NMX RADIO - radio shows by indie artists for fans of indie music.

17) NMX LABEL (COMING SOON!) - This is an area where artists can link up there
online shops (or have them made my Ray Meer Designs) so they can make
money from their work

NEW MUSIC EXCHANGE is a site that is designed to be proving ground for
independent artists, a guage for artists to measure their success and
for music fans to get cutting edge music.


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