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Apple Is behaving like the Nokia.
But I still don't understand why 1 million people bought the new iPad in 1 day.
Does most are them as clueless as the people in the article?
Neither does Apple but not that it matters to them haha
my eye sight must be bad, spent around 5 min each side by side Ipad 2 and new, couldn't really see any difference! Maybe they switched both demo units to Ipad2.. in fairness, I was comparing photo display not text.. maybe the photo examples were not high res enough..
diminishing return...
Same haha. I looked at the new one I couldn't tell the difference.
the resolution is difference, you can see it.
And also the rear camera size is different.
not noticable difference? :)
As in when I look at the new iPad screen I didn't feel it's fantastic. In fact, I find even iPad 1 from the new iPad didn't feel too much different
Ah I'm comparing between only the iPads. I'll still prefer an Android tablet though or perhaps the upcoming windows 8
Just wondering why people are interested with Windows 8 tablet?
It's new? Lol for my case, if it work like a desktop, it's good Cos laptop battery life sucks big time
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