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Sexy Christmas

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Once the bugs have been sorted out, this could be a really nice app #pair
Really smart advertising

While I'm not really 100% behind what Pair ( does (basically its a social network for two) since I basically use WhatsApp for that - I just love their website landing page or more specifically the photo on it!

What says Pair better than two people holding hands around the app/smartphone you've built. Really clever - you almost don't even need any text to guess what they do and who its for.

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Brilliant video of how we all wish paintball should be: #awesome

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Klouchebag - poke fun at Klout
Whether you love or hate Klout, you’ll get a kick out of Klouchebag. The website went live Friday morning and pokes fun at what Klout is trying to do: gauge online users’ influence across social networks.

The lower your Klouchebag score, the less of a douchebag you are.

London native Tom Scott created the site in one day after reading a Wired article about Klout on Thursday that irritated him, he told Mashable shortly after launching Klouchebag.

If your Klouchebag score is high, don’t fret. Scott apologizes to you in advance: “Sorry. Don’t take it personally. This is about as scientific as Klout’s own measurements — which is to say, it’s pretty much a crapshoot. You’re probably a lovely person. Although you might want to cut down on the swearing a bit.”

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Brilliant +Ford Motor Company commercial - Worst Driver pinball
In Paris, people will do whatever it takes to fit into a parking space. +Ford Motor Company capitalized on this opportunity to publicize Active Park Assist, a Ford Technology that helps even the worst drivers park their cars effortlessly.

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I finally get #instagram for android and they bring this out!... guess i need an iPhone

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style tip of the consider forever:

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I defended against a #zergrush on Google Search.

I'm looking for tips on creating an online community. Any advice you could share would be much appreciated...
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