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My four watermelon plants have either died, are in the process of dying/stopped growing  :(
First year gardening, and I guess I got over confident. Can anyone lend their knowledge and tell me where I went wrong? They were all doing so well up until about 2-3 weeks ago. I included descriptions with all the photos.

Plant 1 & 2 were planted next to each other in the same raised bed. Every  melon growing on them completely stopped getting any larger as of 2 weeks ago. Currently one of the melons has a huge brown rotting spot on the underside of it (pictured). Yellowing leaves started showing up about 3 weeks ago - and has since just grown worse. Should I pull these plants? They look like they're beyond saving. And I don't want this to spread to the (healthy) cantaloupe plant right next to them.

Plant 3 (Moon and stars - started from seed) is planted in a separate raised bed. This is the healthiest looking one. 4-5 leaves have brown spots (pictured). Not sure if it's the same thing as the first two plants?

Plant 4 (Icebox melons - also started from seed) was planted in a separate bed. Pulled it out last week as the leaves and stem were completely brown and dead. The leaves looked exactly the same as plant 1 & 2 before they all turned brown.

Has this happened to anyone else? Ever?
Not sure if I'll try again next year. But I'd like to know what happened just in case I do :)
If you read all of this rambling/panic - thank you! :)
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