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Live in New York City, New York? Learn something great and help green this planet back to health. 

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I have started a new Non Profit Organization called Green T Homestead, this organization is geared towards the Trans community but encompasses all in the GLBT spectrum.

We are no only helping to house, support, and guide people but to
also Heal our Earth, by housing in an ALL GREEN living

I have included the link to our website, it will give you more info on
us as a whole.
Please bear in mind that among FtM's and MtF's as well, there is a
high percentage of gay and lesbian persons, therefore this is a dual
support effort.

YOU can help by visiting our website and our facebook pages and "liking" us +'ing us, and tweeting us. Believe me donations are never turned down but even that small effort HELPS us tremendously.

Thanks for your time,

Joshua Jordan and Daniel Benham
Founders of Green T

Stared a new FtM Gay Boys community on FB . It's oot a gay only space but it is geared in that direction.

Please come like my page and leave a post.

I need 125 page likes by midnight tonight to get a url

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