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I get a lot of spam, but I'm not unusual there. What I don't get is the number of people who use my email address to sign up for legitimate things. Given the kind of information involved, it seems to be genuine mistakes.

Apparently I live in Camarillo, CA and my kids dental appts, GATE gatherings, and soccer practices are common occurences. I also live In Florida, where it's my family Thanksgiving and cousin's bday parties. I live in DC, and I have an iTunes account (hello credit card info). I'm looking at a home in Delaware, I guess that's to move out of DC? I live in Nebraska and seem to live off of LA Weight Loss diet food, since I see all the orders and delivery notifications (more credit card info). I really don't recall how I got involved with the Alzheimer's Association, should I be worried? I'm a graduate of a private school in Atlanta. I attend Yoga somewhere (appears to be california). Apparently active in supporting my church in Plano, TX. I seem to be a dulcimer entusiast, especially enjoying the work of a dulcimer maker in the bellsouth area. I've received a completed loan application for a house purchase from my mortgage officer (forget where, but all that private data ...eek). I've also gone international, and I am some sort of MA student in Geneva nearing graduation (was turned down for an internship too, damn! Although I'd turn me down too if I didn't know my own email address). Seriously, this is just crazy!
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Hi, I read your profile and you sound like a fascinating person with many varied interests. I would like to tell you about a business deal you might like, please click here for more details.
At least you are having fun! :) Sometimes I really do wonder how you survive all that junk mail. Does it even slow you down?
+Mladen Mijatov Does that mean you are sending it to me? ;)
Regular filters get most spam. The wrong addr stuff is low-volume, but consistent, so doesn't slow me down. And often entertanining. Like this passwd change notification I just got.:
Your Yahoo! ID is: ‎li************ar‎
+Chris Wright me? Naaah... :) Sometimes I get scared by the thought of receiving that many emails. Being a developer of open source software my email gets in a lot of places. Oh well :) I'll live somehow.
You must retaliate by using other people's email for your legitimate business 
Btw, that your work or private email? It's probably a short typo distance from something, but what? 
+Avi Kivity it's private email. it's a typo or thinko coming from variations on a somewhat common name. next time i'll pick thisisnotchriswright@...
Or embrace your awesomeness by picking something like thelegendarychriswright@.
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